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Hey I'm a seventeen year old aspiring writer and horse trainer! I'm homeschooled and I love serving my God! I enjoy writing, reading, riding my mares, and any kind if sewing or embroidery!

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This is a story I made up for my siblings during a long car ride. I know it is silly and strange, not to mention impossible, but I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think!

T.H.E. I kow this sounds weird but please read it.

January 16, 2018


    There once lived a man named Thomas Coal. He was very intelligent. He finished high school by the time he was fourteen. When he was sixteen he went to collage for mechanics and engineering. He did very well. When he finished collage at the age if eighteen he got a job at a local electronics factory. He very much enjoyed this job.
    When he was twenty he decided to do some experimenting of his own. It took him a long time to finish it. Ten years in fact, but when it was done he was very satisfied with it. Now you might think that being so talented Thomas would have created something that would help all of mankind. The truth was that he had not. In fact he had done the opposite.
    Thomas had grown up an orphan and had had to put up with a lot of teasing at the orphanage where he grew up. This had made him bitter and selfish. He cared about no one but himself. The machine he had created did something terrible. It turned all paintings, pictures, and drawings into empty black spaces.  Thomas had had to keep this project secret, because if anyone found out what he was going to do with it they would have stopped him. Because of this Thomas had had a secret room built in his basement.
    Now when Thomas finally finished his creation, he called it ‘Thomas’s Horrible Exterminator”, T.H.E. for short. It looked like a TV remote with only one button in the center. When he pressed that button all the art would disappear. Now that his creation was done he set about finishing a few details. First, he bought his favorite painting. It was called ‘A Rainy Day’ and was very dreary. It was like looking out a window onto a muddy field with black storm clouds overhead rain pouring down and lightning flashing. He put it in the secret room where, when he press the button, it would not disappear.  Then he went upstairs and turned on the TV he flipped to an art channel that was showing an art show. He watched for a minute then pointed T.H.E. at the screen. He pressed the button.
   At the very moment Thomas pressed that button, just a few streets away a baby girl was born. She was born to Eugene and Connie Barker. They named her Sara Renee Barker and at that moment they were very happy.
    Thomas was also very happy. He finally had what he wanted. He was the only one who could enjoy art. He didn’t care that all the government authorities would be looking for the culprit. He had been very careful and was sure he would never get caught.
    The years past and Sara grew to be an extremely smart child. She finished school by the time she was fourteen, but did not go away to college. Her parents would tell her of the things called pictures and paintings and Sara loved to imagine what they looked like. She would lay in the grass and stare at the sky and imagine what they were like. As a young girl when Sara’s parents first told her of the missing art she would tell them.
    “Don’t worry when I’m bigger I’ll bring all the art back.” Her parents would smile and say of course dear. As she grew older though they would say
    “Sara, all the government agencies have tried to bring it back why do you think you can do it when they couldn’t?” Sara would just say.
    “I just know I will, I feel it.” After a while Sara stopped telling them this, because she knew it sounded prideful. Deep down though Sara knew that she would be the one to bring back the art. She could just feel it.
    Now Sara, for all her smarts, did not have a lot of friends. All the kids found her strange because she was so smart. Sara did have one good friend though. He was much older than her, but he had also suffered from teasing for the same reason. So he understood her. His name was Thomas Coal, yes, the same Thomas Coal that made all the art disappear. Thomas was now forty-four. He had mellowed out and was very kind to Sara. She thought he was amazing and spent long hours talking to him. Thomas also seemed to enjoy her company. One afternoon Thomas and Sara where looking out the back window of Sara’s house onto the field out back. Storm clouds raced overhead and rain fell in sheets from the sky. Sara sighed and said.
    “I love when it rains like this. It makes me feel so safe and protected inside my house. Yet at the same time I wish I could be outside playing.” She frowned as if trying to decide which feeling was stronger. Thomas nodded.
    “Yes, I also love when it rains it so reminds me of my rainy day painting.” Sara nodded lost in thought. Suddenly Thomas’s words hit her. His rainy day painting. He had often told her of his favorite painting, but had always spoken of it in past tense. Now he spoke of it as if he still had it. Where before he had always said ‘the rainy day painting’ now he said ‘my rainy day painting.’ Sara though back to all the times he had told her of his painting. He had always been able to recall it with such detail. You would think that after fourteen years the details would fade, but he still spoke of it as if he had seen it the day before. How could that be? Sara wondered. Then she began to think. So he can talk about it as if he saw it the day before. That does not mean he made them all disappear. Said one side of her brain. The other side said. Yes, but it took a lot of work to make all the art disappear. How many people have that kind of talent? Also he never lets you come over on Sunday’s and he never comes to church with you. He always says he’s busy. What could he be doing? He doesn’t work on Sunday the factory’s closed. She puzzled over this for a while, barely looking up when Thomas said good-by. After a bit she had to face the facts. I think he was the one that made all the art disappear. He has to be. This thought made Sara very sad for she saw Thomas as a friend. But the facts were the same. It had to be him. She thought about this for a long time and finally decided on a course of action. She would have to wait till Sunday though, which was still two days away.
    The next few days seemed an eternity to Sara. Her parent’s sensed her unease but asked no questions. They seemed to sense that she could not tell them her thoughts.
    Finally Sunday afternoon came and Sara could put her plan into action. After church she headed over to Thomas’s house. The door was unlocked and she walked right in. Thomas was not anywhere to be found nor had she expected him to be. She headed down to the basement. The best place to hide a secret room she figured. She looked around. The basement was cozy- not muddy and full of bugs like some. There was carpet on the floor and a TV and chairs. Also one bookshelf. Sara looked around the room. Then went over to the book case. In books there was always a book you pulled to make the shelf move. She examined all the books on the shelf then stepped away shaking her head. That was too obvious. Thomas was smarter than that. She looked around again. Then went over to the TV. She examined the whole thing. Finally, she found a small button on the inside hinge of the left cabinet door. It was very small and she almost missed it. When she pressed the button nothing seemed to happen. She sighed with disappointment. Maybe she had just made up all this stuff about Thomas making the art disappear. But when she turned around she saw that the book case had slid to the left revealing a door. Sara almost screamed with delight. She walked over and pulled the door open.
Inside sitting, on an overstuffed couch, staring at a painting, Sara saw Thomas. He turned at the sound of the door opening and saw her. “Sara! What on earth!”
I haven't decided on an end but I will post it as soon as I have one.
Thanks for reading this!


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