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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 7! More action! More drama! A few more hand signals!

Atom Shift (7)

January 16, 2018


[VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT WARNING!!!: The following story is the seventh installment of this story. If you seriously haven't read the first six installments, I really must advise that you READ THEM IN ORDER FIRST! Otherwise, THINGS WILL GET SPOILED LIKE MILK LEFT OPEN ON THE KITCHEN TABLE FOR TWO WEEKS! Nobody likes curdled stories! You have been warned!] 

[SETTING: Back alley on B Street. 6:57pm. That night.] 
[We open to multiple views of B Street. It's dark. There's practically nobody around. Even at the park.] 
[We see TOMMY and JAX hiding behind some garbage cans in the back alley, waiting for TY to arrive. They are having a conversation, but this time, both JAX and TOMMY are speaking in hands, in order to stay quiet. They appear to be going over the plan, making sure they have everything they need.] 
[Three minutes pass, and TY arrives right on time. TOMMY secretly teleports into a corner that is completely hidden by shadows. JAX ducks lower to avoid detection.] 
[TY]: Oh, Toooommyyyy? Where aaaaare ya? It's 7:00. 
[TOMMY]: I'm right here. 
[TOMMY then emerges from the shadow, with TY just now seeing him.] 
[TY]: Well well. I thought you would've chickened out. 
[TOMMY]: Please. I'm no chicken. We showed up a few minutes early. You, on the other hand, showed up right on time. 
[TY]: What can I say? I'm good with times. 
[TOMMY]: Yeah, well, clearly, you're not a very good listener. 
[TY]: Whatever. You ready to meet your maker? 
[TY then cracks his knuckles and flexes again.] 
[TOMMY]: Well, I don't know. Maybe we should go over some rules? 
[TY]: "Rules?" You're kidding, right? 
[TOMMY]: Nope. I think we should make sure we all know how this is gonna go. 
[TY]: Okay, here's how it's gonna go. I pound you to a pulp, and I go home unscathed. Any questions? 
[TOMMY]: Yes. Is there an option where I don't get beaten to death? 
[TY]: Nope. 
[TOMMY]: Are you sure? I mean, I really don't feel comfortable dying today. I suddenly have a lot to live for! 
[TY]: Too bad. 
[TY then grabs TOMMY by the collar of his shirt and lifts him up into the air.] 
[TOMMY]: Gah! Hey! Put me down, you big gorilla! 
[TOMMY struggles, but it's pointless. TY has a strong grip.] 
[TY]: Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this. 
[Then, suddenly, JAX jumps up from behind the garbage cans, loudly knocking them over in the process. TY looks, and he smirks.] 
[TOMMY]: Notice that I said "we" got here early. You really aren't a good listener, are you? 
[TY]: Oh, wouldja look at that. The "silent sissy" is here, too. Get lost, mime. 
[JAX walks closer to TY and TOMMY, and shakes his head.] 
[TY]: What, are you dumb, too? Get lost! 
[TOMMY]: Well, technically, dumb and mute mean the same thing, because dumb originally meant "can't or won't speak," rather than "stupid." I could get a dictionary if you want proo- 
[TY]: I don't care, pipsqueak! 
[JAX then takes a threatening step forward, a neutral expression on his face.] 
[TY]: Hey, squeaker. What's he doin'? 
[TOMMY]: I think he's threatening you. 
[JAX nods.] 
[TOMMY]: I'd be careful if I were you, Ty. Jax is actually pretty tough. 
[TY then laughs as JAX takes another threatening step forward, his face still emotionless.] 
[TY]: Oh, please. There's no way this mute mouse could do anything to me-URGH! 
[JAX kicks TY in the "unmentionable zone," causing him to double over in pain, dropping TOMMY. TOMMY then runs behind JAX, but not in a really cowardly way.] 
[Once TY recovers, he angrily grabs JAX the same way he grabbed TOMMY. Shockingly, JAX still keeps that blank slate face.] 
[TY]: Oh-ho-hoooo, you are gonna regret that, mute. By the time I'm done with ya, you're gonna be deaf, blind, and crippled, too! 
[JAX still shows no emotion. This is starting to make TY uneasy.] 
[TY]: Wouldja quit making that blank face? It's creepin' me out. 
[Then, suddenly, JAX starts laughing. As in, actually LAUGHING, as if this were the funniest thing he had ever seen!] 
[TY]: Whu-what?! What's so funny?! 
[JAX then lifts up his shirt, revealing a strange device strapped to his torso on his undershirt.] 
[TY]: ...The heck is that? 
[TOMMY]: That, Ty, is a wire. A mobile hidden listening devi-
[TY]: I know what a wire is! 
[TOMMY]: Well, that wire has been recording everything you've said and done since you got here. The best part is, I built that wire so it would send all of the recorded data to a hard drive that only Jax and I have access to. 
[TY]: Get to the point! 
[TOMMY]: It would be a shame if that recording were to be sent to the school board. And every other school board in the district. 
[TY]: ...Are you blackmailing me? 
[TOMMY]: No, I'm not bla-... Well, not exac-... Okay, technically, yes. 
[TY]: ...Huh. Clever. Didn't think you had it in you. Alright. 
[TY then drops JAX, who lands gracefully on his feet and walks to where TOMMY is standing.] 
[TY]: ...What's this about? 
[TOMMY]: Jane. She's getting really annoyed by you constantly hitting on her and picking on everyone else, and so am I! 
[JAX makes some hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: And so is Jax! So, we're willing to make a deal with you. If you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone. If you bother us again, we'll send this recording to every school board in the district, and you'll probably get expelled. 
[TY]: No! I can't get expelled! I've already been suspended twice! If I got expelled, my parents would kill me! As in, literally KILL me! 
[TOMMY]: All the more reason for you to accept this deal. 
[TY thinks for a moment, actually appearing to be genuinely concerned.] 
[TY]: Fine. Just, let me get this straight. If I leave you alone, that recording stays secret? 
[TOMMY]: That's the deal, but that extends to all of us. Not just me. It's Jane, Jax, Tiffany, and I. If you mess with ANY of us, all bets are off. Deal? 
[TY hesitates for a moment. Then, he sighs, knowing he's been defeated.] 
[TY]: Deal. 
[TOMMY]: Great! Let's shake on it! 
[TOMMY and JAX both extend their hands for a handshake.] 
[TY]: Do I have to shake hands with BOTH of you at the same time? 
[TOMMY]: Yup. Just to make sure you don't have your fingers crossed. If it helps, Jax and I will shake hands with each other at the same time. 
[They all shake hands with each other at the same time.] 
[TY]: Okay, so that recording stays hidden, right? 
[TOMMY]: That's the deal we just shook on. 
[TY]: Okay. Phew. Well, I guess I'll see you around... 
[TY thinks for a moment.] 
[TY]: ...Tommy. 
[TOMMY is actually a little shocked.] 
[TOMMY]: Hey, you called me by my actual name! 
[TY]: Yeah? 
[TOMMY]: I didn't think you even knew my actual name! 
[TY]: Don't read too much into it. See ya. 
[TOMMY]: See ya. 
[TY then walks away, and once he's out of earshot, TOMMY and JAX high-five each other, and start walking back to their neighborhood together, since it's really dark. As they walk, TOMMY takes out his phone and calls JANE.] 
[The phone rings three times, then JANE picks up.] 
[JANE (through the phone)]: Hello? 
[TOMMY]: Hey, it's Tommy. 
[JANE]: Oh, hey, Tommy! Did it work? 
[TOMMY]: Oh, yeah. He totally fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker. 
[JANE]: Yes! I knew this would work! 
[TOMMY]: I still can't believe how genius this plan was. I mean, a fake wire? Amazing! 
[JANE]: Not as amazing as how real it looks. You did a great job making it! 
[TOMMY starts blushing.] 
[TOMMY]: Aww, thanks, Jane. 
[JANE]: Aww, are you blushing? 
[TOMMY then starts blushing more, and sweating.] 
[TOMMY]: Wait, what? H-how did you know that?! 
[We hear JANE laughing through the phone.] 
[JANE]: I could just tell. Well, see ya tomorrow! 
[TOMMY]: See ya. 
[JANE then hangs up.] 
[TOMMY]: Well, let's get going. 
[JAX nods, and they continue walking home.] 

[To be continued...] 
Part 7!!! Jane's plan was successful! Hooray! Things seem to be going well for our protagonists. However, will they continue going well? Will Ty hold up his end of the deal? Will anything else go wrong for our protagonists? Find out next time on... Atom Shift! (cue theme song that hasn't been composed yet). 


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  • Glytch Montoya

    He was already out of earshot. (Although, when taking Murphy's Law into consideration, the natural chain of events would dictate that Ty would find out... Or not. No telling yet!)

    I'm glad you're enjoying it!

    almost 2 years ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    Ty better not have been listening to their last phone call THATS WHATS GONNA HAPPEN ISNT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Btw, I'm loving this series

    almost 2 years ago