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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Practice makes Perfect.
If you aren't a good writer now, practice and you will be.
Mistakes will come and go but don't dwell on them too much.

Terror at Midnight

September 24, 2020


Walking slowly away. To home. They're watching, through the shows, through the darkness. I walk a little faster, careful not to make a sound. My dark, black, silky hair falls in my face, my bright blue eyes like a tidal wave. I walk faster, my heart beating fast. The time is now eight o' clock. My heart beats loudly against my chest. I can feel my blood pressure rising. I'm about to pass out, but, no I can't. If I pass out, the shadows of darkness consume me. I walk a little faster into almost a jog. Sweat trickles down my cheek. Only a little longer I tell myself. I hear footsteps coming behind me. Slow, but heavy. I take a glance behind to see the shadow of the giant stalking behind me. I start running and try to calm myself. "I can do this", I mutter to myself. I hear something. It sounds like two trucks crashing. I realize that is is not trucks crashing, it is the laughter of the giant. The time is nine o' clock. I continue running. I turn a corner and see light up ahead. I bolt towards it to bump into a man. "Watch it kid", he says. He turns around and his face... is a skull, connected to a full skeletal body. I turn around and sprint out of the alley. My blue eyes start watering, tears streaming down my rosy cheeks. My hair is a big dark mess. I keep my sprint going. I'm almost there. The giant footsteps get louder, he's gaining. I start speeding my way through the city. I have no idea where I'm going. I have the lead but I hear louder footsteps. I wasn't looking and tripped. It was a necklace a a raindrop charm. I left it and bolted. I still had the lead. I keep running and running. The giant's laugh increases like my heart beats. I continue running not daring to glance a peek behind. I hear silence in the city. Very unusual. I keep running in the center of the road now. I notice people in many different outfits, jogging, business suits, curled up on the ground. My first reaction. Dead. I keep running and see a young boy like me. I check if he's breathing. Yes. I sigh of relief but still in terror. I move the young boy off to the side and keep running. It is ten o' clock now. I can almost hear the breathing of the giant monster. I have flashbacks to my worst memories as I sprint down the city roads. My eyes are closed now and I run based on my other senses. I see no one else running or walking. It's me and the giants. The sound of the giant is faint now. I hear footsteps but they're new to me. They sound human and light. I realize that the young boy I moved earlier was running to me. I slowed down a little and he caught up. "Hey" he said. In shock, I replied "Hi." He asked what I was running from and I told him a giant. I expected him to call me crazy but he just nodded. He looked exactly the same as me but the better version. He had the same clothes I was wearing with the same bright blue eyes. He had my dark hair short haircut but his was neater. The sound of the giant was really faint now. The time was eleven o' clock. I looked around and the boy was gone. I closed my eyes again and he was there. I realized he was an illusion. Motivating me to act. I tripped again by the same necklace with a raindrop. I picked it up and put it on. I saw an ocean ahead. I always loved the ocean. I sprinted towards it. The giant was closer now. 10 feet. 8 feet. 6 feet. The ocean was close ahead. I jumped into it. The giant had caught up. He laughed and looked at my necklace. "You trying defeat me with water, boy. Ha, good luck with that.", he said in his deep scary voice but I saw something. Deep in his eyes, there was fear. I noticed he kept his distance from the water. It was fifteen past eleven. I felt anger boiling in me. I felt like exploding. I took the necklace off and looked at it. The giant took a step back. He look terrified. He resisted smiling. I threw the necklace in the water hoping it would accept my offering. The giant took a step forward. We were 3 feet apart. I stepped out of the water and he attacked. Fortunately, i had practice of running away from monsters. I dodged his first strike. I had a tugging sensation in my hands. I realized the water was my power. i willed tidal waves 10 feet tall to crash down on the giant. The giant seemed to be melting into a pile of dirt. I didn't want to finish him off quickly. The time was then half past eleven. I waited for the right time and made the water obey me. I held the water's power. It couldn't disobey me. Finally, i willed the water to attack. The water crashed down on the giant as he bellowed. He threw rocks but his anger failed his aim. He stomped toward me. I called upon sea creatures. A turtle the size of a tennis court popped up. The time was one minute before midnight. The turtle attacked the giant and ate it in one gulp. The time was midnight. The turtle nuzzled my legs and i gave him some crackers in my pocket. I petted it and told it goodbye. The turtle nodded and swam back into the depths of the ocean. I walked back home knowing that hope is still left in this great big world.


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