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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Thunder Before Clouds - Chapter 3

January 15, 2018


Majest lead me through the place. She explained to me how there were five wings, Earth, Fire, Water, Sky, Death. I asked her, "Which one do i go to?". She chuckles, "Annabeth, you will know soon enough, probably today but i might suspect who you are already. I cannot tell you as it is against all the ancient laws. A symbol will be above your head declaring where you belong. For now, you will be put in the undetermined cabin with the other Earth childments". "Childments?" i asked. "Yes, childments, those who are half elemental and half human. Also remember that our reflexes are built for battle which is why you can't stay still. You also have most likely been kicked out of about ten schools to keep educating", she said gently. I stare at her dumbfounded. "How did..-Where..?". "Most children are like that here so don't worry". She led me through the place. I saw a sports place with childments playing soccer and basketball. There was a fight going on between apparently a fire and water childment. The water girl looked ready to switch out her soccerball for a watersword any minute now. The fire boy had a red glare in his eyes probably from the sun, until i realized his eyes were red. He glanced over at me than at water girl. I also realized that the water girl looked exactly like me and i still didn't know her name. I saw Majest walking towards them to break up the fight. I followed behind her naturally. She went up and told the fire boy, apparently named Chase Flame, "Now, now. Stop fighting. Chase Flame, you are not going to be using your ability to raise fire out of the ground against Annie. And Annie..", she said pointing at Annie the water girl. "Annie Wave. I thought you were smarter than this.". She replied back, "I'm not wisdom's daughter, how am i smart?". "Forget it Annie. Take Annabeth to the Earth cabins and put her in the undetermined one with the others". Annie took my hand and pulled me away while Chase snickered behind us. She was telling me how some elements don't get along. Her mood had changed from anger to happiness. I realized that she kept muttering something about me being special, time for a quest, but i decided against asking what she meant. She lead me into the Water wing saying she forgot something. I didn't have a choice so i followed. We ran into some tall girls who i instantly knew were popular and mean. "Well, well, looks like this is it. You could never be Sky's daughter let alone having thunder powers", the leader said with her companions laughing at me in the back. Annie told her, "Tressa leave her alone she just came here", and for a minute i thought she would stand up for me. Turned out, well, no. As Tressa lead me through the Water cabin towards a lake, Annie just stood there watching. Tressa had a good grip so i couldn't escape. Annie had told me she loved learning earlier and said that these elements don't get along. Fire gets along with no one but Death and Earth, Water gets along with only Earth, Sky gets along with Earth, Death gets along with only Earth, and Earth basically got along with everyone. So i couldn't loosen my grip and Tressa pushed me to the edge of the lake. She was only able to make me stumble. The anger started boiling inside me again like it had on the bus before i came to Camp Elemental. Her goofy friends then laughed as they pushed me into the lake. I fell down hard but i couldn't control my anger. Others had gathered up to watch and if there's anything i hate more than bullies, it's people gathering for amusement instead of helping. That's when i exploded. I couldn't really say what happened but i know that i stood up in the lake and roared. At first there was nervous laughter and people backed away. Then i know that the spear in Tressa's hand was in the lake and Tidal-Fury was at her throat. There was silence. I came back to conscience and removed my sword pushing her a little. I stood up dusting off my clothes while Annie pushed through the crowd and led me away to the Earth wing. Others started whispering stuff like "Did you see?, It grabbed her. The thunder pulled the weapon out of her hands, Wow.". I was really tired but decided not to mention it. Annie looked angry again but i realized i had kinda embarrassed her since she was forced to pull me out of the situation. I tried apologizing but she wouldn't hear it. She just muttered, "Forget it. Don't listen or mess with them again.". I decided  to give up trying. Finally we reached the Earth wing and headed toward the Undetermined cabin. In there was a couple of kids. Annie introduced me as Annabeth Thunder, and the kids looked a little scared. That's when a young boy, definitely younger than me and Annie, came u and said "Now, now. Let's make Annabeth feel welcome". I thought Annie blushed but when she saw i was looking she changed to anger. She left the cabin and said she was going to the arena. The young boy's name was Raven Determine. He led me to the back corner and showed me my little area. There was a box where i could put my stuff in, not that i had any, and a nice cozy bed. I told Raven, dark silky hair with bright green playful eyes, that i was tired. He said he'll leave me to rest and dinner would be at eight in the Dining Hall. I fell asleep immediately but with sleep came more dreams. I dreamed that there was a person wearing a baby blue robe and another wearing a ocean colored robe. The third had a dark black robe. They each had their own staff so i figured these were the elements. Sky carried a staff with a clear cloud on top. Water carried one with a raindrop and death had a skull. They seemed to be arguing about something. I heard Water saying "Give me the raindrop Sky". Sky replied with "I don't have it". Death said "And what about my own skull". The dream showed the three elements calling each other names. My dream then shattered into pieces and then i woke up. 


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