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The Life of Pyscho Jack: Chapter One

January 14, 2018


On May 5th, 1980, a man that would be later known as Pyscho Jack, was born. To this day, his real name unknown, only being called Jack in offical records. 

On the day he was born, his father wasn’t there, in fact he was never there his entire life. When Jack was brought home, his brother constantly tormented him. One favored for, of torment was taping him to a door, leaving him there for hours.  When Jack was 13 however things changed. His brother, now 14, had a girlfriend he never told his mother about, due to a rule about dating until you’re 16. Jack somehow got wind of this, and simply told his mother. The brother was grounded, and forbidden to see the girl ever again. Jack was given quite a beating after this. Jack was getting tired of this, hee decided to get revenge.

Jack set up a way to track all the movements of his brother by paying a group of 8th graders to take pictures of everything Jack’s brother does. He eventually got a pictures showing that Jack’s brother was still seeing the girl. He then had a in motion.


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