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Bounty Hunter Johnny: Chapter Three

January 14, 2018


Johnny got a ticket from the client to get in to PopCon. He wore his usual white suit and white fedora combo. He then went to the panel with Cooper Anderson, and took a seat. Cooper Johnson and his girlfriend, Megan Cater were introduced, then they took a seat to be asked questions. Most of which weren’t questions, just rants about how they shouldn’t be dating. Then, it was Johnny at at the question microphone.

”All right,” Johnson said, obviously annoyed,”Do you have an actual ques-“

He then saw Johnny, with his entirely white attire.

”Uh, who are you?” Anderson asked.

“Oh, Well I’m“ He then reached into his suit, making everyone worried he had a gun.

”All man,” Johnny said sadly,”I’m out of business cards...”

”All right, weirdo,” Johnson said, now really annoyed,”What’s your quest-“

Johnny pulled out his gun. Then realized he did have a question.

”Uh,” He said sheepishly,” Were you in a hairbrush commercial?” 

Copper, not noticing the deadly weapon in Johnny’s hand said,”Yes, yes I was!”

Everyone decided o look up said commercial, with Johnson  he said this. When Carter was done watching she was going to make fun of him, but he was shot dead. The last thing she saw before fainting was a man in a white suit and hat leaving the now laughing are of people. 


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