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Enwright Patient Files: The Most Dangerous Patient

January 14, 2018


Name: Pyscho Jack (Real Name Unknown)
Age: 18
Crime: 185 Counts of Murder. Arson.
Diagnosed With: N/A

Day 1 - We got him in his room, he didn’t seem to mad about it.

Day 2 - He already got used to his schedule. He even put in his uniform without protest. 

Day 3 - This is weirding me out... He isn’t doing anything noteworthy! He should be doing something.

Day 4 - What is this?! He just goes about his day, as if this is his home!

Day 5 - I decided to give him a journal.

Day 6 - Where...where are the nurses?

Day 7 - We...we found the nurses.


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