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Glytch Montoya

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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 6! Stuff happens! More emotions! More drama! STILL MORE HAND SIGNALS!!!

Atom Shift (6)

January 15, 2018


[WARNING!!!: The following story is the sixth installment of this story. If you have not read the first five installments, you seriously MUST read them before you read this one! Important stuff has actually happened, and I don't want anyone saying that I didn't warn them about spoilers. If you don't want to be confused or don't want spoilers, read them in order! I cannot stress this enough.] 

[SETTING: Weldington High School. 3:00pm. The following Monday.] 
[We open to the sound of the school bell ringing, everyone exiting the school, you know, all that stuff. TOMMY and JANE walk out of the building holding hands, while JAX walks next to them, making hand signals to them.] 
[TOMMY]: ...Don't worry, you've got this, bud. I have faith in you. 
[JANE]: Yeah, me too. I know you can do this! 
[TIFFANY is seen standing in the middle of the commons, drawing something in her notebook. TIFFANY's long blonde hair is shaped into pigtails that SERIOUSLY look like an anime character, and her big teal eyes don't exactly say any different. Heck, she's even wearing a shirt that says "I <3 ANIME" underneath her pink jacket!] 
[TOMMY]: Okay, there she is. Just walk over there, and do it. Got it? 
[JAX nods, takes a deep breath to strengthen his resolve, and walks over to TIFFANY. He then taps on TIFFANY's shoulder to get her attention, and she turns and looks at him, immediately beginning to blush as soon as she sees him.] 
[TIFFANY]: Oh, hey, Jax. Um, wh-what's up? 
[JAX makes some hand gestures that are very easy to understand.] 
[TIFFANY]: ...You want to show me something? 
[JAX nods.] 
[TIFFANY]: Uh, o-okay. 
[JAX then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper. He makes a gesture with a finger, silently saying "one moment," and turns to have his back towards TIFFANY. When he turns again, he has folded the piece of paper into a rose, and he hands it to TIFFANY, who starts blushing even more as she accepts the gift.] 
[TIFFANY]: Oh, um, th-thank you, Jax. 
[JAX then pulls out another piece of paper and folds this one into a dolphin, handing it to TIFFANY.] 
[TIFFANY]: Aww, a dolphin! How cute! 
[JAX makes hand signals that say "One more," and he pulls a pre-folded piece of paper out of his pocket. He begins to unfold it, and by the time he's done, it's a full-sized poster board with the words "TIFFANY, WILL YOU GO TO THE DANCE WITH ME?" inscribed on it in colorful marker, along with hand-drawn pictures of JAX saying those things in hands.] 
[TIFFANY gasps, dropping her notebook, looking almost exactly like an anime character.] 
[TIFFANY]: Jax? R-really? Y-y-you're asking me to the dance? 
[JAX nods eagerly and nervously.] 
[TIFFANY]: I, uh, I-I-I, I don't know what to say... 
[JAX points to the bottom of the poster, where he has the words YES and NO, along with the signs for them.] 
[TIFFANY giggles in delight, and she makes the sign for "yes."] 
[TIFFANY]: Of COURSE I'll go to the dance with you! 
[TIFFANY then tackle-hugs JAX, which surprises him a lot. However, he's okay with it, despite still having a marker in his back pocket. Fortunately, he bought the heavy duty kind that doesn't bust easily.] 
[A group of students had gathered around to watch the spectacle, and at that point, they were still watching.] 
[TOMMY smiles.] 
[TOMMY]: He always was good at folding paper. 
[JANE]: Yeah, that was a really good idea. She tends to like things that are Japanese, so Jax making origami gifts for her was right up her alley. 
[JAX and TIFFANY stand up, and brush some of the dirt off of their clothes.] 
[TIFFANY]: Wait, how are we gonna talk to each other? I can barely understand that sign language thing you use. 
[JAX makes some more simple hand signals.] 
[TIFFANY]: ...You'll teach me? 
[JAX nods.] 
[TIFFANY]: Oh! Uh, o-okay! Seems fun! 
[JAX and TIFFANY then start holding hands, and they walk to TOMMY and JANE.] 
[JAX makes some grateful hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: ...You're welcome, buddy. It was the least I could do. 
[Suddenly, TY walks up to them.] 
[JANE, once again, is not happy to see TY, and neither is TOMMY. Or JAX. Or TIFFANY.] 
[JANE]: (Ugh, not this again.) What do you want, Ty
[TY]: You, me, dance. You're welcome. I'll pick you up at-
[JANE]: Sorry, Ty, but I already have a date to the dance. 
[TY]: Pshh, what? Who? 
[TOMMY]: Uh, me? The guy that she's literally holding hands with right now
[TY]: You seriously chose this DWEEB over Ty Dodds? 
[TY then starts flexing for no reason.] 
[JANE]: Yep. I don't go to dances with meat-headed jerks like you. 
[TY]: Pshh, whatever. I was just asking so you wouldn't look like a total loser
[That offends JANE, and makes TOMMY angry.] 
[TOMMY]: You take that BACK! 
[TY]: Or what? You gonna fight me, nerd? 
[TOMMY's atoms start to jitter. He is getting really angry. Then, his irises start glowing blue! This worries JANE, and JAX.] 
[JANE]: Uh, Jax? You've been friends with Tommy for a long time, right? Well, has this ever happened before? 
[JAX makes a hand signal that clearly says "once."] 
[JANE]: Just once? Uh, what happened then? 
[JAX's eyes widen, and he shudders at the thought. He runs in front of TOMMY and makes urgently worried hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: ...Trust me, I got this. 
[JAX makes more worried hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: ...No, he's not gonna annihilate me... No, he's not... No, he's NOT!
[JAX makes different hand signals, one of which involves him making a running gesture with his fingers on the palm of his other hand.] 
[TOMMY]: ...No, I'm not gonna run away like a coward! 
[JAX makes other hand signals, one of which including making a question mark with his hands.] 
[TOMMY]: ...I'll, uh, "take some shortcuts," if you know what I mean. 
[JAX knows what he means. He makes an even more urgent hand gesture that is clearly saying "no no no no no no no no NO!"] 
[TOMMY]: ...Why not? 
[JAX gestures towards the dozens of people still in the commons.] 
[TOMMY's eyes then stop glowing for a moment.] 
[TY]: Okay, dweeb, if you and the freak-that-won't-speak are done losing at charades, I believe we were in the middle of something. 
[This time, JAX gets offended, and TOMMY's eyes start glowing again.] 
[JAX makes hand signals that clearly say "not here."] 
[TOMMY]: Okay, Ty, here's the deal. We can't do this here, because that'll just get both of us suspended. 
[TY]: Yeah, I don't wanna get suspended. It may surprise you to know that education is actually very important to me. That, and being totally RRRRRRIPPED, of course! 
[TOMMY]: Well, what do you say we settle this some other time, at a more suitable location? 
[TY thinks about this for a moment, then gets an arrogant smirk.] 
[TY]: You're on. You. Me. Back alley on B Street. 7:00 tonight. I hope you have good dental insurance. 
[TY then walks away, confident that he's going to win the fight.] 
[TOMMY's eyes stop glowing, and he calms down a little bit. JAX begins to make some hand signals, but TOMMY brushes his hands to the side.] 
[TOMMY]: Put your hands down, Jax. I know I'm dead man walkin'. 
[JANE]: Tommy, what was that? What's gotten into you? 
[TOMMY]: I-I dunno. I just got so mad when he started insulting you, and then he insulted Jax, and all I could see was red. Even though it was technically blue. 
[JANE]: Well, what're you gonna do? I mean, I kind of find it sweet that you're willing to fight Ty Dodds for me and Jax--I mean, for Jax and I, sorry, grammar. But I don't want you to get hurt. 
[TOMMY]: Uuuuuuuuh... In the words of Obi Wan Kenobi... 
[TOMMY then switches to a British accent, much like that of Obi Wan Kenobi in Clone Wars.] 
[TOMMY]: ..."I'm open to suggestions!" 
[JANE]: Wow, that was a really good Clone Wars Kenobi impression! 
[TOMMY, in his regular voice]: Thanks. It's because I'm good at listening. 
[JANE]: Wait... "Listening"... That's it! I've got an idea! 
[JANE then whispers things in TOMMY's ear.] 
[TOMMY]: ...Uh huh... Hmm... Oh?... Oh!... That's genius! 
[TIFFANY]: Uh, am I missing something here? I'm, like, sooooo confused right now. 
[TOMMY]: We'll explain it on the way! 
[Then, the four of them head off towards TOMMY's house.] 

[To be continued...] 
Part 6!!! Things took a turn for the better for Jax and Tiffany, only for things to take a bad turn for Tommy! Will Jane's mysterious plan work? Will Tommy survive his encounter with Ty? What will happen to our protagonists? Find out next time on... Atom Shift! (cue theme song) 


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  • LackingASocialLife

    Ok I'm immensely curious to see where this is heading! Also Ty makes me want to shoot something HE IS AN IMBECILE DOES HE HAVE ONLY 3 BRAIN CELLS?!

    over 1 year ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    OKAY! I guess a comment saying you have nothing to say is better than no comment at all! I'm glad you liked it!

    over 1 year ago
  • Lee Fudge

    I have no comment, this is just good.

    over 1 year ago