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Magic Wars: Chapter Five

June 11, 2018


Just they were celebrating, they were interrupted by a fireball being shot at them. They turned around and saw a man in red suit staring at them.

“Who are you?” Asked James. 

The man was silent. He then held his hand up in a finger gun like gesture. He then aimed his it at them.

”Oh you’re gonna point at us to death?” Bertrand mocked.

Then, a small but fast fireball came at them, hitting a sheep in the process. The sheep burned to a crisp in only seconds. This is called ‘Showing Off’.

Bertrand had his own methods of showing off. He soon made a square area where the man was standing lift up to the sky, making a pillar going up in the air. He stopped as soon as he got around twenty feet in the air.

The man, seemingly undaunted by this, simply ran down the pillar, to the surprise of the now running James and Bertrand.

”Do you know who that is?!” James yelled, dodging fireballs in the process.

”I think he’s an Assassin,” Bertrand said, really calm for some reason,”He’s got an armband of the Assassian Organization.”

They got to the city gate, where they hid in a nearby alley.
“Does...” Bertrand said, trying to catch his breath,”Does anyone want you dead?”

”I don’t think so...” James said,”You?”

”Maybe...” Bertrand said,”I mean, I do miff a lot of people...”

”Well, what we going to do now?” James asked.

”Whoever escapes the Labyrinth,” Bertrand said,”Gets pardoned for their crimes, so we should talk to the lord to get it.”

And that was their new course of action.



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