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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Thunder Before Clouds - Chapter 2

February 14, 2018


I woke up to the sound of water splashing lightly in my face. I try sitting up and pain flares up my spine. My friend Richard Rose, (I thought he ran away with the others), was sitting next to me. I look down at his feet and he had had horse hooves. I looked at him and he looked away. "Sorry. I forgot to tell you.", he muttered. I glare at him angrily, or at least try for anger but it's hard to be angry at someone who apologizes. I looked down at his hooves and asked him why didn't he tell me he was half horse. He looks at me strangely then understands. Quickly he replies with, "Not horse it's half mountain goat", he bleated. I was about to explode from weirdness. I passed out again. The second time i woke, i saw a girl who looked exactly like me asking a question. I was able to croak "what?". She asked again "Where is it, what's the summer deadline?", nervously whispering and looking as someone would hear her. I was still confused and about to reply that i didn't know what she was talking about or where i was when suddenly my math teacher, Mrs. Dots came in. She was my favorite teacher but she would never go on a bus, especially our bus. My eyes widened when i saw her and the young girl next to me plopped a straw in my mouth. I drank the mixture that reminded me of apple juice, which was actually what i wished to drink at the moment. Once i gulped down the whole glass, i looked strangely at the girl and Mrs. Dots who seemed to be having a silent argument. I passed out again in total darkness. I had a vivid dream i never had before that night. The sky was quiet and lightning was striking down trees as an archer at target practice. A young girl who looked familiar was hiding under one of the trees. I saw the lighting coming straight at her but i couldn't move or speak. I wanted to help or tell her to move. Then the strange part came. She looked scared but i was the one frightened when she used the ocean nearby to create a big water bubble around the tree and herself. The lightning struck the bubble but it just deflected off and continued its archery path. The girl seemed to look straight at me and this time i heard her voice. It sounded like Mrs. Dots was telling me to wake up. She said it again a little louder. "Wake Up"! This time i woke up. I saw Mrs. Dots sitting on a chair next to my friend, Richard, along with another person who strangely was drinking a bottle of what seemed to be Advil. Mrs. Dots asked me how i felt and i said good. Then, she lead me and Richard and the Advil dude to a great big cottage near some strawberry fields. We went inside and sat around a table made of glass. I thought i saw a rainbow woman with wings in the glass but i blinked and she was gone. Mrs. Dots asked me what i remembered. I told her about the fight with the Thunder Serpent and the bracelet i found. I passed it to her and she glanced at it and gave it back. I nervously put it back on my wrist. "Dear, Richard here was protecting you from the monsters but, ah, he cowardly left you alone. He left the bracelet for you wondering if you were really the one.", Mrs Dots told me. I had about a million questions to ask but i didn't because of the Advil dude glaring daggers at me while rolling what seemed to be a pill in his palm. It was silence for a while until I broke the silence with "Mrs Dots. I..-". She cut me off by saying "Oh silly me. I'm not Mrs Dots that was just a disguise. Really i'm Majest. The one who controls all magic. Daughter of the Elemental Mother and Elemental Father". I look at her and she could tell i didn't believe her. "But those are just lies and myths. How could that be real". Richard bleated and ate the flowers from the vase. "Annabeth, dear, you shouldn't say those are myths. Would you like being called a myth, a mere child who is not important. Probably not, so careful with what you say.". "Uhh, yes Mrs. Dot- Majest.". The Advil dude had pink bubblegum eyes for whatever reason and said "Oh yeah totally forget me just sitting here waiting to be recognized". I gritted my teeth. We learned all about magical things happening in the world but when i saw this dude a memory sparked. I had to hold back a laugh but the look this Advil creature gave me almost made me forget how to laugh. "Are you Medicine?", i asked unsure. He laughed, "of course! You didn't expect me to be Sky or something". "But Sky isn't real and neither is Medicine". His laugh stopped. He quietly and calmly but sternly looked at me and said, "Names have power, use them carefully before you offend people acting like the unbelievers" (Mortals). I was about to say something but i faltered. He angrily but still quietly so only we could hear said, "would you like to try me?". I replied "no." "Sir" he added smoothly. "No, sir". Good. Now are you playing Pickles. "Pickles?". "Okay you don't even know. Pickles, young child is only the most amazing-". "I think we should show Annabeth her cabin now, come along Annabeth, and Richard. Go see Flant for your.. discovery.". "But... Yes mam!" Majest turned her beautiful blue eyes on me and i realized that she really was immortal and had trained all the great heroes like Thumps and Ultimate. We left the cottage and i saw Medicine glaring those pink bubblegum eyes right through my soul. 


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