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Glytch Montoya

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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 5!!!

...I feel like "Atom Shift" needs theme music...

Atom Shift (5)

January 14, 2018


[WARNING! FOR REAL THIS TIME!: This, as you may have figured out, is the fifth installment of this story. If you have not read the previous four installments, I INSIST that you MUST read them before you read this one. This time, there are actually a few things that are spoiler-worthy!!!] 

[SETTING: TOMMY's bedroom, again. 5:37pm. That same Friday afternoon/early evening.] 
[We open on TOMMY, sitting in the middle of his room, building things with the wires and spare parts he had lying around. TOMMY had clearly been crying earlier, but letting himself focus on building things seemed to calm him down.] 
[Suddenly, there is a buzzing sound: a sort of intercom system that TOMMY built so that he and his parents could tell each other things without shouting or going into the same room. TOMMY, startled, accidentally teleports a few inches to the side.] 
[TOMMY]: Uh, who is it? 
[TOMMY'S MOTHER]: It's your mother. You have a visitor. 
[TOMMY]: I'm not taking visitors right now, sorry. 
[TOMMY'S MOTHER]: I think you'll wanna take this one, dear. 
[TOMMY sighs.] 
[TOMMY]: Fine, send 'em in. 
[A few moments later, there is a knock on TOMMY's door.] 
[TOMMY]: It's open! 
[The door opens, and, to TOMMY's surprise, JANE is standing there. TOMMY actually drops the wrench he had been using, which lands on his toe.] 
[TOMMY]: Ow! Okay, not my most graceful moment. 
[JANE]: Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to startle you. It's just, you ran off so quickly earlier, I wanted to make sure you were okay. 
[TOMMY]: Well, I'm fine. Thanks for your concern. 
[JANE]: Also, I think you dropped this. 
[JANE pulls the rose out from behind her, handing it to TOMMY.] 
[TOMMY]: Oh, uh, yeah, that, heh heh. I, uuuh... 
[JANE]: You also dropped this. 
[JANE pulls TOMMY's notepad out of her back pocket. This time, TOMMY's eyes widen.] 
[TOMMY]: M-my notepad? I dropped that? 
[JANE]: Yeah. I hope you don't mind, but I read some of the stuff you wrote in here. Specifically, this. 
[JANE then opens to the page that had been dogeared. She reads the poem out loud.] 
[JANE]: ..."Your long blonde hair, so soft and so light,
                Your brown eyes that sparkle in the sun so bright,
                Your glasses that help your ironically imperfect sight,
                Your dimples that show when you smile in delight,
                Oh, Jane, I love you with all my might,
                But you'll never know, because I can barely write." 
[TOMMY starts blushing halfway through the first line. By the time JANE finishes reading the poem, TOMMY is beet red, and he's sweating nervously.] 
[TOMMY]: Um, uh, I, I, uh... 
[JANE]: I also saw a list of things on the previous page, but they were all scratched out. They looked like ideas for how to ask somebody out. 
[TOMMY starts sweating even more.] 
[TOMMY]: Um, uh, uh, I, uh, it's, um, uh... 
[JANE then walks closer to TOMMY.] 
[JANE]: You wanted to ask me out earlier, didn't you? 
[TOMMY]: Um, uuuuh, I, I-I-I, uh... 
[JANE then walks closer to TOMMY. There are now only a mere two inches between them. JANE puts TOMMY's notepad down on the floor.] 
[TOMMY]: Uh, Jane, I, uh... Y-yes, I wanted to ask you to go to the d-dance with me. B-but I didn't know how to do it, so I asked Jax, and he helped me come up with some ideas that didn't suck, then Ty came, and my glasses cracked, and I could barely see and Ty was acting all important while treating me like a peasant and I- 
[JANE then puts her finger over TOMMY's mouth to make him stop talking, which he does.] 
[JANE]: Of course I'll go to the dance with you. 
[JANE then wraps her arms around TOMMY, hugging him. The sensation of JANE's hug causes TOMMY's atoms to suddenly jitter uncontrollably. JANE, noticing this, lets go, surprised and confused. TOMMY's atoms settle down a little bit, but TOMMY doesn't settle as much.] 
[JANE]: Uh, Tommy? What was that? Are you okay? You were, uh, vibrating just now. 
[TOMMY]: I, uh, ummmm, uuuuuuh... 
[JANE]: Tommy. What's going on? 
[TOMMY takes a deep breath to settle his nerves (and his atoms).] 
[TOMMY]: I was born with a rare condition called CAI. Chronic Atomic Instability. I-it basically means that whenever I'm really upset, angry, nervous, or scared, it m-makes my atoms get all jittery. Th-that's part of the reason why I r-ran off so q-quickly earlier. I d-didn't want anyone to see me l-like that. 
[JANE is silent for a moment, processing the new information. TOMMY is also silent, but nervous.] 
[JANE]: ...Is that why you're always asking to be excused during quizzes and tests and stuff? 
[TOMMY]: Y-yeah. It's to make my atoms stop j-jittering before it gets n-noticeable. I-I'm guessing this means you won't be going to the dance with me, huh? 
[JANE]: Are you kidding? This doesn't change my answer. In fact, I think that you're pretty cool regardless. 
[TOMMY]: R-really? 
[JANE]: Of course! I mean, you're smart, talented, passionate. You're one of the few people who can actually communicate with Jax. Plus, you are actually pretty good at writing. 
[TOMMY starts blushing.] 
[TOMMY]: Aw, geez. Thanks. I'm, uh, I'm not used to people saying those things about me. Well, unless you count my mom, but I think she kinda has to say those things about her own kid. 
[JANE then giggles a little bit, her laugh sounding really cute.] 
[JANE]: And you're funny, too! I don't think that this CAI thing is an obstacle. Even if it is, it looks like you've already found about six different ways around it! 
[TOMMY]: Y-you think so? 
[JANE]: Yeah! So, uh, is there anything else I should know about you? 
[TOMMY]: I'm allergic to citrus! 
[JANE]: ...Uh, okay, that's good to know. Kinda random, but good to know anyway. Anything else? 
[TOMMY]: Uh, well, um, I, uh... 
[JANE]: Oh, c'mon. Don't clam up on me again. 
[TOMMY]: Okay, I'm about to tell you something that will be really surprising. I've only ever told one other person about it, and I want you to promise that you'll never tell anyone what I'm about to tell you. 
[JANE]: Of course. You can tell me anything. I promise I won't tell anyone. 
[TOMMY takes a deep breath.] 
[TOMMY]: Recently, I discovered that my CAI isn't completely bad. I found out that I can actually force my atoms to vibrate intentionally, like this. 
[TOMMY then starts visibly vibrating.] 
[JANE]: Whoa, cool! 
[TOMMY]: And then, this is where that promise really gets important. I discovered that I can do this. 
[TOMMY then focuses, and he teleports to the other side of the room!] 
[JANE]: WHOA! Did you just...? 
[TOMMY]: ...Teleport? Yes. 
[JANE]: No way. This must be some kind of sleight of hand or something. 
[TOMMY]: Here, I'll prove it to you. First, a question: do you like chocolate milk? 
[JANE]: Uh, yeah? Why? 
[TOMMY]: I'll be right back. 
[TOMMY then teleports out of the room, into the kitchen, leaving JANE standing in his room.] 
[A few moments later, TOMMY reappears, holding a chocolate milk and a granola bar. He is eating the granola bar, and he holds the chocolate milk out towards JANE.] 
[TOMMY]: Here you go. Sorry, I felt like snacking, so I got a granola bar. 
[JANE takes the chocolate milk, and takes a sip.] 
[JANE]: Hmm... It's still cold, like it just came out of the fridge. 
[TOMMY]: That's because it did. 
[JANE]: Okay, that's cool. So, you can actually teleport? 
[TOMMY]: Yup. I haven't figured out all of my limitations, but I can teleport at least as far as from here to the bathroom at school. 
[JANE]: Is THAT why you stopped riding your bike to school? 
[TOMMY]: Yup. 
[JANE]: Wow. This is awesome! You're like a superhero or something! 
[TOMMY]: Well, not exactly like a-
[JANE]: Although, superheroes usually save people with their powers. That's why they're called super HEROES. 
[TOMMY]: ...I, uh, I was about to say that. 
[JANE]: Yeah, I figured. I could tell by your walls that you're a fan of comics. I am, too! 
[TOMMY]: Wait, what? Really? 
[JANE]: Yeah! Reading the Wonder Woman comics made me feel like I could do anything! 
[TOMMY]: Well, it's easier to save lives when you're an Amazon warrior princess with magic bracelets and an indestructible lasso that forces people to tell the truth. 
[JANE then laughs again.] 
[JANE]: Yeah, that's a good point. 
[They share that moment of humor and superhero talk. Then, they both get quiet, blushing a little.] 
[TOMMY]: So... 
[JANE]: So... 
[Right then, TOMMY's tablet starts buzzing. He is getting a video chat request from JAX. Instinctively, TOMMY picks up the tablet and accepts the request, and JAX appears on the screen.] 
[TOMMY]: Hey, Jax! 
[JAX makes some hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for your concern. I'm even better now, though. You'll never guess who's here right now! 
[TOMMY then shifts the tablet so that both he and JANE are in the frame. JANE leans forward to get a better look. JAX reacts with surprise.] 
[JANE]: Hi, Jax! How's it going? 
[JAX makes some hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: Jax says "Pretty well, and Tommy, you have a milk-stache." Wait, I do?! 
[TOMMY then takes a little hand towel from his desk and wipes his face.] 
[JAX then laughs, making other hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: Wait, I didn't actually have a milk-stache? ...I wasn't even drinking milk. Oh, yeah, ha ha, VEEEEEERY funny, Jax. 
[JANE laughs a little bit.] 
[TOMMY]: Oh, by the way, Jax? Tiffany asked me to put in a good word for her. Apparently, she really likes you. 
[JAX starts blushing a little, and makes a few hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: Yup. I could practically see the little cartoon hearts floating around her. She looked like a daydreaming anime character when she thought about you. 
[JAX then starts blushing a lot, with an embarrassed smile on his face.] 
[JANE]: Tommy said that you helped him try to ask me to the dance. Is that true? 
[JAX nods.] 
[JANE]: Well, maybe Tommy and I could help you figure out how to ask Tiffany? 
[JAX lets out a small, silent gasp, and makes a few more hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: ...Of course we'll help you. You were my wing-man. It's only fair that I return the favor. 
[JAX makes hand signals excitedly, a big smile on his face.] 
[TOMMY]: ...Wow, okay, okay, you're welcome, man! Geez, it's hard to believe that someone can shout with their hands! 
[JANE]: Yeah, about that, uh, one of the main reasons that Tiffany hasn't tried to ask you to the dance already is that communication issue. She doesn't understand that sign language thing you guys use. 
[TOMMY]: Nobody does. He and I are the only ones that can speak in hands. 
[JANE]: Is that what you call it? Well, maybe you could make a sort of "hand-speak dictionary" or something? 
[JAX makes some hand signals.] 
[TOMMY]: ...Really? You want to just teach her how to speak in hands? 
[JAX nods.] 
[TOMMY]: Uh, okay, I guess you could do that if you really want to. Anyway, we need to come up with a way for you to ask Tiffany to the dance. 

[To be continued...
Part 5 is out! Tommy and Jane! YAY! Jane knows about the teleporting stuff! YAY! Tommy and Jane are going to help Jax figure out how to ask Tiffany to go to the dance with him! YAAAAAAY! Will Jax be able to work around that communication barrier and confess his feelings to Tiffany? Will the dance go well for Tommy and Jane? Will there be enough drama for these questions to keep appearing in sets of three? Find out next time on... Atom Shift


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