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Bounty Hunter Johnny: Chapter Two

January 14, 2018


Johnny went home, pushing all his donuts in a shopping cart. It was a rather simple house, with a single floor, and painted yellow. He went inside, but the donuts on the counter, then went to watch some the news.

The news anchor, Tommy Gunn, apparently just got a report, and was reading it right now.

”British singer, Cooper Johnson, is coming to America to do a panel at the annual, PopCon, a convention for fans of pop singers,”

Johnny never heard of him, but he was sure his sister had at least seven posters of him. 

Gunn continued the report,”There is much controversy about this, as he is bringing his girlfriend, Megan Carter. Fans of Johnson do not approve of this relationship, as they think it is to soon after his previous relationship. We now go to an interview with a fan of Johnson.”

The interview mostly consisted of the fan screaming about how she was going to some rather unchristian things to Carter.

It then cut back to Gunn who said,”The interviewer only sustained a mild concussion. And now, on to Gatling Gunn, for weather!”

Johnny’s computer made a noise, which meant he got an email. It was a potential client who wanted Copper Johnson dead. 


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