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Lee Fudge Facts

January 14, 2018


I am generally regarded as the best writer in my class.

I freak out at basic arithmetic.

I’m one of the two ‘History Guys’ in my class.

I thought my mom’s hair color was black my whole life, but it is actually dark brown.

Incidentally, I have trouble with shade so of color.

This site made me a slightly better writer! Better than my first piece, at least.

I think it’s really fun to come up with fantasy races.

My favorite author is Terry Prachett,

My favorite book character is Havelock Vetinari from the Discworld series.

My favorite video game is a tie between the Professor Layton and the Ace Attorney series. 

My favorite song is ‘TNT’ by AC/DC.

My favorite movie is ‘Darkest Hour’.

I think Australia is a scary place. Uh...not the people, the plants and animals. 



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