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Feelings conveyed through words and phrases threaded so carefully together is what makes life worth living.

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Write from the things and places you know best because they're always where the greatest ideas bloom from.

Blurry Memories

January 12, 2018


A blurry day with no recollection to it
​Except a single white flower
​And those curving, red lips
The soft feeling of velvet on my own

​A foggy memory with little attachment to it
​Except those piercing blue eyes
Just like a frozen lake
​Gazing at me and full of love

A hazy thought that escaped my mind
Except for those little freckles
Painted on his nose
And dusting his cheeks like snow

​A mangled idea that left me alone
​Except for those three words
He lied about their meaning
​And fled without a trace of remorse


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