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Hi, again! This is chapter 5 with new characters added to the story! I hope you like this series so far just as I do because it's fun to write about these characters! I believe that we should write what we love. It makes our writing styles stand out, amateur or not. Just a reminder, you can review, question, correct me, or suggest something regarding the series so far. I never believed that I'd write a chapter story this far, but here I am! Publishing Chapter 5 of Celeste's Daughter. So far, we get to see more of Elaine, and we'll see more of her in the upcoming chapters, and Kaia. Which character do you prefer? Leave it in the comments below. I'd like to know why as well.

Celeste's Daughter: Chapter 5

January 12, 2018


The jagged slopes of the streets quaked.

    Elaine braced herself to a nearby wall of brick. She cursed as her ankle twisted. “Last I checked you were minding your own business instead of mine.”
    Blood thrummed, finding herself to bite back her words. Acarcyn’s presence lingered for a while, his breathing the only noise between them. The hot temper burning in her eyes vanished. Elaine turned to him, chin up, head high. “If memory serves well, I told you that I’d check on you whenever I wanted to. Didn’t you, Elaine?”
    She could still feel the sensuous curves of his mouth on hers, as though she was still his. Beneath the cold wind, she blew at him was a strong sensation urging her to say something. Tears stained her cheeks that day, as her blood reminded that her being was to inherit her own realm, to marry a Blueblood. That day, both hadn’t yielded a step, never dared to breathe like they’ve forgotten how. The Bluebloods, Elaine thought, were warlocks who owned their own militias. It made other continents more powerful.
    But Boneforge was indestructible.
    She made herself look at him, the sunshine glint of his hair still a wonder she combed with her fingers. Legs surprisingly steady as he opened his mouth, Acarcyn breathed, “You look…” His shoulders sagged. “You look just like her…”
    Elaine knew what he meant. “That girl is gone, Acarcyn.” She still surveyed him with desperation aching in her chest. “Lilli Brytda was merely a surname. She’s dead.”
    “Who are you?” he asked calmly. Too calmly. The boy backed a step.
    “I’m Elaine Macter,” she claimed, “Inheritor to The Ruthvin Realm. And---”
    The bell chimed, the birds scattering upon the skies above them. Sunbeams streamed into the path before her, beckoning someone to walk on it. Risking everything was her greatest talent and still could be if she yearned for it. Though most of her was ruthless, a small part of her skin remained human. Acarcyn hadn’t seen her with the tight armory she bore in her small closet. It was too much information to share at the time---
    An arrow whizzed past her ears and she cursed under her breath. The roofs, the slums, and the sewers. A bar flanked by the taverns, her eyes found a longbow and a stack of black feathered arrows. She tossed her apron, Acarcyn’s foot pointed to her enemies concealing their faces in the nearby slums.
    Faster than she could sense, there was a second and third arrow.
    It aimed for both of their hearts.
    Her foot slipped as she ran. Acarcyn ran at the same pace. Pain lanced in her ankle but she barely limped.
    As they approached a broken tavern--- No. Purloin. The Guild.
    They halted. Splintered in pieces, bursted in ashes, piles of wood sitting on top of… a woman and her muffled cries. Her body closed in quickly and so did Acarcyn’s. Their hands lifted off the wood, tumbling to its back. A woman of their age sucked in her breaths.
    Acarcyn slung an arm around her and supported the weight of the woman. A thought ran past her that she might’ve been angered at the action. She would’ve been able to carry her instead of him, but… there was something intimate about how she perceived the action.
    Nevermind that, she realized. Her feet swept for a close infirmary.
    The woman groaned and Elaine’s worry shifted to her. “Are you alright?”
    Her fall caught by Acarcyn’s strong grip was answer enough. Both of them moved faster, leaping above balconies and houses. She felt his stare glowering every minute she jumped higher. Luckily, he knew her well enough to shut his mouth otherwise she’d cut his tongue ever so slowly. Half of her innocence and royal fidgets was stripped away by the way of living in her own life.     That day she ran away from her parents’ offers to marry someone…
    There came a night of when the stars smiled on her. Elaine shut her eyes and wished. Hoped. Prayed. Her eyelids cracked open to view the shadow whose tawny eyes flickered a light that blazed within. Acarcyn.
    In instinct, she kicked him to where it hurt like hell. Acarcyn bit back a shout, feet dangling on the crumbling edges of her balcony. A humorous dance cured her hurt, then his legs collapsed and fell. She grabbed him.
    That memory throbbed her heart ultimately. It made her bite her lip as they approached the inn she used to sleep in. When she was alone. Her boots thudded softly, purposefully swaying her dress, and tightening her corset, to reveal her marvelous curves to the innkeeper who’d been manipulated in so many ways.
    She pulled her hair down, the burnt umber waves dangling all the way down to her back. A slice of her lustrous smile plastered across her face, they went in. She brought back the memory and smiled genuinely this time. Acarcyn glancing sideways, a light flickered in his eyes. Her smile, somehow, slid a burning through him.
    Death smelled horrible, Kaia thought. Her pounding headache and the slices of sheer dryness stuck to her belly. Oh, the prince was on top of her murdering list. She’d kill him. One day. For now, she had to rest, regain the energy she needed. Her head wandered through the dreams she wanted. Across the moons, the world beyond the heavenly bodies, a place where she stood with a second chance. In the other world she felt like she commanded the mountains to bow down, she could change her name, sail somewhere with pure silver light. To get a second chance. But she’d stay here. She’d stay the same because she just didn’t think she deserved it.
    So she dreamt of home.


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