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I hope this is a great poem I really enjoyed making it!

The Cell

January 12, 2018


In this cell I cry alone.
Shadows pass but the door is locked.
Whispers here whispers there many secrets everywhere.
Someone help me, please, out there, tell me why life's not fair.
Through the night I cry in pain, horrible thoughts are in my brain.
I cannot sleep, these thoughts, tearing at my wall. Terrible screams from down the hall.
In this cell I cry alone, yes, I know I am alone.
I cry for an answer from a God above, wanting to be, in a place full of love.
This world is twisted, twisted indeed, darkness spreading like fallen leaves.
I’m in this cell you hear me cry. Please I'll be good, I’ll really try.
Let me out or suffer my wrath.
When I’m out you all shall pay, pay for the wrong that you all did to me, I swear to a God this isn't the end of me.



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1 Comment
  • Izzi C. Moonlight

    Why do you toy with my emotions in such a way?!
    I love this, though

    11 months ago