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By: CreativeAngel


Happy and bright,
Picture with light,
One is red,
Can be colored lead,
Another is blue,
With evening's dew,
How about pink?
On a sink,
Yellow is nice,
Like rolling dice,
Orange is the best,
While we rest,
And scarlet,
On a bracelet,
The grass is green,
Don't be mean,
Here is white,
Can't see with sight,
Black is dark,
In the tree bark,
So many more,


Peer Review

There isn't a specific line that stands out to me; all of them are equally amazing!

I feel happy, because reading poems makes me happy. Especially since this is such a good poem.

What was your inspiration? How did you come up with so many rhyming words??

Reviewer Comments

I love how you made every single word rhyme! It's so creative and fun.