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Hints of Roses/Introduction

January 14, 2018


Once upon a time, in a far away land known today as Maryland, there lived a woman. The woman's name was Rebecca and she had long dark, straight hair, plus green sparkling, bright eyes and was married to a man named Jackson. Jackson had light brown hair like coffee and playful blue eyes hidden with sadness. The couple lived in a huge mansion with a pool and it was a three story tall house. It contained four bedrooms, one kitchen, one living room, one computer room, three bathrooms, and attic for storage, and a basement turned into a library with very little lighting. Rebecca and Jackson were the only two who lived in this large mansion. They has bought the mansion in 2010. Actually, Jackson bought it and surprised Rebecca with it. The two were both twenty-four years old at the time. The mansion may have been newly built when Jackson bought it, but, their was a long hidden, mysterious history. The very first place built on this area of land was Beth's nursery. Beth was a very loving and caring person. She had blonde curly hair to her waist and had blueberry colored eyes, playful, just like Jackson's. Beth loved all the children and they all loved her back. When she first bought the place she was seventeen and  had graduated with a PhD in 1952. She had been working at the place for sixty-four years and basically lied there. The nursery was not only like a daycare but, orphans also lived in the place. The nursery had a large capacity of up to two thousand, five hundred, sixty people. There was six hundred forty bedrooms, each big enough for four people.Every single room had a different design and color so the place stands out a lot. This place would have every design and color imagined ever. Beth's nursery holds the record for the largest nursery in the world and the most colorful nursery in history. The nursery of Beth Woodland still holds the record till this day. On day though, in 2005,Beth Woodland sadly passed away.She was in her bedroom, lying down, peacefully with her exhausted eyes closed forever. She had her phone in her hand but, she was calling one person, Samantha Brown. Soon enough, the police arrived once they were informed. The most famous detective, Carla Brown,thirty-five years old and mother of Samantha Brown aged seventeen when she died, was also present at the incident. Carla had ordered the bedroom to be locked up and guarded by two officers at all times. Beth Woodland just lay still, on her mint colored bed with pajamas that were indigo were red roses on them. The investigation had started on May 14th, 2005. Police had been searching for any evidence related to Beth's death when one officer found the phone. The phone was handed towards Carla the detective for examination. That is when, on the lock screen of the cellphone, it was found that a missed call came from Samantha Brown. When Carla read the name the phone slipped out of her hands and landed with a loud thud on the dark wooded ground. All the officers rushed to Carla while she muttered, "I'm fine, fine". She quickly picked it back up and declared to examine after all evidence as found. Even when she continued searching, she couldn't forget the name of her daughter on a stranger's phone. That had really put Carla into shock. The first day of the investigation ended at eight o' clock pm. The cellphone was the only piece of evidence found.The cellphone was silver with more roses on the case. That's when Carla looked around the room only to notice that there was roses everywhere! Samantha also had an obsession with roses. Carla could not stand this anymore and was on the verge of tears. She looked away towards Beth to notice something. A picture, that had caught her eye. The picture had roses all around the frame but the important detail was the photo, of her and Samantha. Carla thought it was her imagination so she rubbed and blinked her eyes but the picture did not change. That's when Carla broke down crying and John the officer came in to comfort her. Once she stopped crying John asked why she was crying. She replied to him by explaining how one morning when she had gone to wake up her daughter Samantha that she wasn't in bed. She had checked everywhere but she was nowhere to be seen. No evidence had been left behind which was strange. Then, Carla explained the roses around the room and how they remind her of Samantha's obsession with roses and the picture that looked like her and Samantha. After explaining to John who was a good listener, he decided to Samantha in the picture and Beth on the bed. They both looked exactly the same bright green sparkling eyes, pink rosy cheeks, just one last thing left to check. Samantha in the picture had a rose on her left ankle. When John checked Beth’s left ankle she also had the same tattoo, same detail and color. While John was inspecting, Carla dried her tears and quietly watched as John examined. Finally, John had finished and explained his observation of the two women. Once he finished, Carla just sat there and stared at him with her large dull blue eyes. After a few minutes, Carla gave John the phone and told him to go to the place the cellphone was made and ask them to permanently unlock it. Afterwards, everyone headed to bed and the investigation continued the next morning. At about fifteen minutes before eight, when the police met in Beth’s bedroom again with Carla and John. The sky was yellow, swirled in with a hint of pink and orange, standing out against the clear white clouds. John had the unlocked phone and handed it to Carla. Everyone was ready and listening while a few officers still searched for evidence. John explained the news that Carla and he stumbled upon last night. It would have been unbelievable except for the fact that the tattoo was on both women in the same exact place and it had the same design and color. John finished the news and Carla continued from there explaining what would happen next. The phone would be searched before anything else happens. She decided to check but the only thing she found was Samantha’s number that kept bothering her. Before anyone could say a word, the door was busted down and Carla and John were shot multiple times. Carla and John had been escorted to the hospital immediately while a couple other officers caught the shooter and arrested him. The incident was put aside where a court case has sentenced the shooter for life. The hospital rooms of Carla and John were guarded by officers. Carla had no other known relatives but John had a twenty year old sister. She had been informed immediately and headed straight to the hospital. John had survived but had to live with short-term memory loss for life because of the shot that went through his head. Carla however, sadly died. No one else had any idea what to do for Beth's case and it was closed saying she died of natural causes. An anonymous person had built a nursery for all the orphans to live in afterwards and the rest were returned to their parents. Beth's Nursery was demolished in October 2006. An apartment was built on top of Beth's land. It was a fairly popular apartment with almost all rooms filled with people but then, a couple days after it was built people had claimed to hearing two women arguing while a man in the background was constantly repeating the line, "I was the best officer". Then, silence would follow and the door would be knocked upon. Once it was opened no one would be there. A child had reported seeing a woman made out of fog glaring right at him with bright green eyes and when he blinked once she was gone. An infant child had disappeared overnight while others claim being pushed with nothing nearby. By December 2006, everyone had left the apartment while the manager passed away at age eighty-one. The apartment was abandoned and destroyed in April, of 2007. The manager seemed to be shot in the head right where John the officer was shot. The bullet matched the gun of Carla and John's shooter. It seemed impossible but the bullet wouldn't fit in any other gun. It was very strange since the gun had been incinerated the day of the shooting but nonetheless, it was still searched for. Nothing was found and the case was closed. Construction workers came again in June 2007 to build a hospital. The grand hospital had been named Medical Roses. People had been reluctant to admit into the hospital but since it was the least expensive with the best services, they eventually admitted themselves and others. Everything had been going fine until 2010 where five children had died for no apparent reason. Rumors started piling up claiming the apartment manager was back for revenge but they died just as quickly once the doctors started saying the poor children had been accidentally food poisoned. Most were so scared they left the hospital to go to other hospitals for treatment. Soon enough, fewer people remained in Medical Roses. Everything went fine for a while so the popularity of the hospital increased yet again. However, a fire had been started in the room of Beverly Woodland, daughter of Beth Woodland. The fire spread throughout the place and soon was in each room. Whenever a fire calmed down a bigger one would take its place. Soon all of Medical Rose had been set ablaze to the point that the grand hospital was hidden in the flames of the fire. The fire department came but the hoses rejected them and were out of water even though they had just stocked up. All water sources had been cut off. Thirty minutes later, the fire was gone. Over a thousand people had died and the hospital was bulldozed in September of 2007,In January of 2010, Rebecca and Jackson moved from Brazil to Maryland. Jackson had recently surprised Rebecca by moving them into the mansion being newlywed. Jackson was sister to Beverly Woodland and son of Beth Woodland.Jackson knew the dangers of moving onto that certain area of land whereas, Rebecca, did not. Still, Jackson moved them because of the dream he had the day of their marriage. It specifically told him to move there and find out the truth of the death behind his mother. Jackson had lied to Rebecca by telling her he got a job in Maryland and soon the mansion would be filled with children and happiness. They had moved happily and were all good until 2012, when Rebecca got a call from Jennifer, daughter of John the officer. She became an officer to honor her father. Jennifer calmly, but sadly, told Rebecca her husband, Jackson had died in a car crash. Truthfully though, there really was no evidence of what had happened. Only Jackson's fingerprints had been found and there was no traces of blood or footprints leading anywhere. Jennifer didn't want to ruin Rebecca with worry so she just told her that he passed away in the car crash. Rebecca had been left alone in the mansion waiting for no one to come back to her.  Jennifer also lived alone so the two women worked together leading to them both living in the mansion. Later on, Rebecca had adopted infant twins named Flora and Jason. The infants had traces of Samantha Brown's DNA but that was put off to the side as not relevant. Flora and Jason had been raised well and started their own investigation on ghosts leading to the creation of Hints of Roses. The investigation group will lead them to unexpected friends and mysteries behind the true deaths of the history behind he mansion.


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