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By: camlily


At 2, 
We danced to the music.
My short body
Connected to yours. 
We were happy.
We were carefree.
The music swept us up
In a wave of laughter.

At 4,
We welcomed my brother
Brought to life by your body.
He cried. 
We smiled.
We were a big,
Happy family.
Loving, and loved.

At 6, 
We parted for the first time.
I went to kindergarten. 
You stayed home
Cooking and cleaning.
I missed you.
You missed me. 
But we stayed in each other's hearts.

At 10, 
We celebrated 
That I had lived a decade.
We danced to the music
And stayed up all night.
I loved life;
So did you. 
We were happy.

At 14, 
I found you
Crying on the floor.
You had crumbled under
The weight of the world.
I cried with you.
We were together.
And we will be, 


To my mother <3

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Peer Review

At 4 we welcomed my brother because it reminds me kinda of my brother.

I feel happy and loved.

Why write this? What caused you to write it? Was it random?

Reviewer Comments

I love how you described each part. It's truly amazing.