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Just Words?

By: Quilling Leaves


These are the words from scratch,
jutted down by just one worthless pencil.
Yet, they hold much meaning,
and with the meaning they tell a story.
A story of just words, words that seen nothing more than dirty,
yet bring emotion to ones heart.

These are the words of me,
weaved with my soul and heart.
My soul, pouring my life and meaning into them,
and my heart, has given them emotion and life.
These are nothing but words,
but to many they can mean more.

I worked hard on this poem, and I think its one of my best. It explains what words mean to me, they make it easier to express myself. 

Message to Readers

Any feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading this poem, and may God continue to work in your life.

Peer Review

"These are words from scratch" because i like to know that the poem is original and expresses the author.

I feel words are very important and most of us don't realize how much they really are.

Where did you get inspiration?

Reviewer Comments

I love how you can describe words in your own unique way!