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Hi! Chapter 4 is here and ready! I unpublished the other because I thought that version was bad and never really gave enough detail. So welcome to Orion's perspective on the fight. Suggestions, constructed criticisms, correcting grammar, and questions are welcome. Also, feel free to comment anything. In the next chapter, however, it won't be Kaia's perspective. It'll be another character's, so expect that when I publish chapter 5. Thank you to those who've been reading so far, and read chapter 3 if you haven't! And... enjoy :D

Celeste's Daughter: Chapter 4

January 12, 2018


A maiden of war was loosed upon the soils of his kingdom, and wherever she had traveled with two feet.
    This path laid before her, she embraced her inner darkness. Honestly, she piqued his curiosity. It would've been a shame to kill her. Her eyes glittered with an encompassing shadow that stole away her grace as if someone she loved never claimed her. A road unsought was before his eyes, blanketing the prince's soul with an eternal hollow. He forced himself to never love Death. But he did after he committed the act upon the woman, the crime which he gave into as the maiden never knew the truth beneath it.     
    Navigating through the ancient woodlands to the tents of carnivals of deception and debauchery, both the prince and Death himself piled every victim atop each other; they vanquished all with their fires. No one has tracked any human scent, delighted that the guards had no proof of where the lost individuals had gone and been. Oh, that had been a lovely night. An absorbing show as the prince reluctantly played his roles. Sensational and utterly devouring.
    Especially the one where Orion performed the man who ruled the Boneforge Domain.
    A final act began. No longer performing behind the curtains, Death dragged Orion in the shadows and out in the vivid light.
    No, Orion begged.
    His eyes tried to avert the sight of splattering blood, yet the puppet controlling his mind claimed his body. Death's bathing wrath filled every inch of his heart, not a patch of compassion, and knew that Orion would die. Knew that he would do as Death wished and that he would never wash away the stain tinted on his skin from the day he woke ‘til the night he hid.
The clock tower rang viciously.
    Kill her.


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