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Bridget R.R

United States


January 10, 2018


Being popular isn’t easy. You have to be either hot, funny, rich, or know some one. But if your smart, not pretty, or are seriously pour your not popular. I would say I’m pretty popular. I would say that cause I’m friends with a lot of popular kids. They all like me cause I’m funny. I’m not hot or rich nor did I know any popular kids before. But I work hard to be friends with them. I get up and hour and a half to get ready. It takes an hour to do my makeup and hair then I need to pick a matching cute outfit then I have to eat and do final touches. But I’m still not as pretty and popular as most of the other girls. There are popular crews at my school. There the all boys, all girls, goodies, and the baddies. I’m a baddy. Baddies are the crew that curses and makes sexual inappropriate jokes and always have a boyfriend/girlfriend. I don’t tho but you haft to have at least three boyfriends/girlfriends to be official. Probably for all the juicy drama. I don’t really know the rules of other crews but they all include drama. things like how my best friends left me and my friend alone in the most dangerous neighborhood around after telling us about a hominid and knowing my friend was being picked up and letting me walk all 10miles home with my broken bike. I was mad at them but I forgave them but my one bestfriend acts wierd sometimes, one second we’re bestest friends then she disses 
me for someone else. Today I asked if she wanted to go shopping and she said she’s going to dunkin then I saw her go in her phone and ask people if they want to go to dunkin, not even inviting me. People can be so rude sometimes.


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