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October 15, 2015

She's the quiet type.. you'll find her head down, nose in a book. A messy bun with springs of hair sticking out in every which way, a pale face with only chapstick for her face decore. 

You all know him, the occasional suit and tie or khaki sperry belt and polo. The jet black hair and big brown eyes, the oh so big arm muscles and lets go on a date so i can kiss you under the moonlight. 

She's slightly intimidating, a sleve of tattoos cover her arms, ripped jeans hug her hips, a mess of deep brown hair flows down her back. breast slightly exposed, a diomond stud sparkling from her nose deep black eye liner winged from the corner of her eyes and look that can kill on spot. 



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1 Comment
  • Grace Mary Potts

    I adore these characters! You've done a wonderful job!

    over 3 years ago