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Max pisano

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A Day on the Water

October 15, 2015

    Fishing has shaped the environment that I live in today. I’ve always loved fishing with my dad and brothers since I was five years old. When I was nine years old my dad bought a fishing boat in Cape Cod, MA. Once my dad bought our boat I fell in love with fishing. Whether we are fishing on Long Pond in Cape Cod or just taking a stroll down the Charles River we have the time of our lives.
    I still can remember the first fish I ever caught. It was in Cape Cod at Scargo Pond, where we fished off the shore. I had this little green fishing rod, in which you clicked a button to cast it. The adrenal rush you get when catching a fish is the best part, trying your hardest to keep the fish on the line until you get it in your hands, and smile for the picture. When we go to Long Pond to fish or tube it’s the best time, from taking the boat off the trailer and putting it into the water to catching that three pound bass. Long Pond has so many options of activities to do there. Sometimes, we go there to just go tubing and buzz around on top of the water. When tubing all you hear is the boat roaring in front of you while you hang on for dear life in the back. The water splashing you in the face after each little wave you go over. Tubing may sound scary but it is the most fun I have all summer.
    On the other hand, fishing is nice and peaceful usually. Sitting in the boat listening to music and waiting for that first fish to bite so you know you’re at a good spot in the pond. That moment you’re on the pond and listening to the birds chirp and the casting of the fishing line is relaxing. The nature aspect of fishing is the best part of going out on a pond. Fishing doesn’t require any heavy lifting or hard work just relaxation hoping to get that slight adrenal rush of catching a fish.
    Fishing has connected me in ways I never thought I would have before. It makes you stop thinking and worrying about everything outside in the world. Being on the boat in the middle of a pond makes you realize there are no worries out here. Fishing keeps me content and attaches me to nature and the stillness of the world.


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