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The Five Continents: Chapter Two

January 9, 2018


How could you refuse a meeting with a king? It’s simple really, you don’t. This is true in Sir Ashburn Middleman’s case, since he had been asked to meet with King Robert of Kingsreich. Robert’s castle was very simple in design, with the four walls, a keep, and some towers, but it was strange in color. During a time of mental illness on the Royal Family, the castle was painted orange and pink, which King Robert seemed all right with, or simply couldn’t think of a color to change it to.

Sir Middleman was escorted by the palace guards to the throne from, which was painted the correct colors royal colors of red and black. It had a giant throne, and a smaller throne in front of it, where King Robert sat. 

“You needed to see me, High Higness?” Sir Middleman said.

”Has it been brought been your to attention that Sultan Akbar IV has been killed?” King Robert said, getting quick to the point.

”Well,” Middleman thought, not really caring about some foreign ruler from a different continent,”No, Your Highness,” 

“Well, you should have,” King Robert then stood up, the paced in front of his throne,”Because, his son has been missing for over ten years, and no one has bothered to look for him until now,”

”What does that have to do with me?”

King Robert quit pacing, walked up to Sir Middleman, then said,”We have the son,”



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