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The Five Continents : Chapter One

January 9, 2018


For many years, the five continents have had nations. Many nations have come and gone, but nations always seem to sprout up, always wanting to take an entire continent to the themselves. The nations have had leaders of all kinds, some good, some remarkably average.

An example of a leader is Sultan Akbar IV, head of the Darayan Sultanate in East Continent. Akbar IV, more commonly referred as just Akbar, was one of the remarkably average leaders, not see,info to care about the land he ruled. He had not strong opinions about anything, and he never left the capital city of Abu Dabar.

On one particularly snowy day*, the Sultan actually left the palace to go to the market, almost expected to be showered with gifts. What actually happened was that know one actually knew what the Sultan looked like, so he was dismissed as a common Regurgitated**. The Sultan was displeased, but just bought the things he needed and went on his way. 

Of course, when an important person leaves their home, it is rather possible for someone menacing to get in. This was the case for assassin Abul Saigon, who simply killed the Sultan and went to get the reward money. 

The problem was, the Sultan did have a son, just no one knew where he was, apparently getting misplaced at a market when he was a baby. The Sultanate Regent Council*** decided they had to search all five continents to find the boy, and get him back home.

* Not characteristic in East Continent, but snowy nonetheless.

** Lowest class in the Darayan Sultunate, most of which are used as literal doormats.

*** Formed when either the Sultan is too young to rule.

This is a working title. If you can come up with a better title, please tell me.


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  • Lee Fudge

    All right, thanks!

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  • Kaitlyn ❄

    Ooh five continents! I really like the title tbh.

    over 2 years ago