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Destruction and Insanity

By: Hello, Nostalgia


She wore simple black clothing and a hooded cape that billowed in the persistent wind. Her glassy, silver eyes stared into the chaotic sky torn by lightning bolts and echoing thunder, her expression eminating both grief and insanity. 
Outstretching her hand, she cackled something hideous from the bottom of her heart. Only there could something so devious and fulfilling could have conspired. It echoed throughout the valley and over the plains, just as the lightning that sparked from her hands and etched the sky. It fed the storm, goading it to thrive, to be free. 
Houses collapsed and burned in the distance, dotting across the rogue lands in lights mimicking fireflies. A small price to pay for what would become of her lightning. It caressed the clouds, stroking it as if the thick mist was the world's hair. Clustering around a main point, she exhaled and focused all of her energy into forming what she once lost. 
The stallion was much larger than it was when Zeus took it from her. The electricity in the beast flowed, sparking across its skin, and it whinnied, the North Wind breath chilling her to the bone. At least it remembers me, she thought, reaching up to pet it on its muzzle. Mounting the creature, they stormed off into the sky, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. 

Message to Readers

I am looking for very picky peer reviewing, please! This is probably going to be part 1 of a story that I may or may not continue, by the way. Thank you :)

Peer Review

The story is amazingly good definitely continue it!

I feel like a brand new happy start had begin.

Have you read Percy Jackson? Heroes of Olympus? Trials of Apollo? All those Greek/Roman mythology books?

Reviewer Comments

Amazing please continue. You could definitely continue the stories from Heroes of Olympus if you wanted. ;D <3