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The Ocean

October 15, 2015

The Ocean heals all wounds.  This is true both figuratively and literally.  I never feel more at peace with myself, and with the world, than when I am standing in front of those waves breaking on the wet sand.  The water will often be cold but after a couple dunks your legs will turn numb so you will think the water is warm.  The water is nice and refreshing on a hot, summer day.  You could skip a rock.  You could body surf, you could swim out as far as you can.  There are so many ways to have fun with the ocean.  I have fond memories of swimming with my family and friends.  We would have full out football games in the water.  We would see would could swim out the furthest without chickening out.
Sometimes the ocean becomes angry.    Sometimes it will send a huge storm that destroys beachfront properties.  Huge floods will drown towns.  Businesses destroyed and lives lost. People have not been respecting the ocean.  Constant oil spills have driven some sea life to extinction.  Chemicals and trash has also been dumped into the ocean.  This has lead to thousands of fish washing up on beaches.  We have all seen pictures of the seagull with the soda can holder stuck around its neck.  The Pacific Ocean is polluted beyond belief.  We must take care of our beloved oceans or else we will lose them forever.  The oceans are very important to the world.  Losing them could have serious, profound effects on our lives
Most people have fond memories of spending their summers in front of or in the ocean.  Most people would like to continue that and pass it down to our children.  The ocean strengthens the connection in my family.  Usually when the ocean is near, we are all together and times are good.  I have often celebrated birthdays on the beach, in the ocean because it brings me such joy.  I’d rather have my childhood birthdays there instead of say Chuck E. Cheeses.   The Ocean helps us connect to other places.   It also gives us a chance to see some of the most beautiful scenes you could ever imagine.  In order to continue this we must protect it.  How devastating would it be if we could not spend our future summers at the beach with family and friends?  How could future generations grow up without the ocean?


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