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I just like to write. I write about my emotions and what I've gone through. I hope someone can relate out there.

Music in My Mind

January 26, 2018


    Listening to some songs bring back certain feelings about either a person, place or event or just a time frame. This feeling is stronger in some songs, and weaker in others. Some music is left for my interpretation off of the moment's feeling, but, the majority of the time, songs from my past bring the same feeling back. When I listen to it, it's like i can taste the emotion. It's not as rich and as filling, but it brings back the high of the heavy moments in my memory. The music notes dance on the tip of my tongue while the words sung fill my body with their meaningfulness to my life.
    "Forget you" by DYSN reminds me of a specific person and a specific hurt, a hurt I didn't know was going to get worse. When I listen to it, the scars of the pain start to ache and I almost miss the feeling; Like I'm trying to go back to prevent the future torment. "Wasted Youth" by Fletcher reminds me of the summer of 2017; the best summer I've ever had. It was a time of change, and that song captured the beauty of blooming into another new and improved person. It was a song of freedom, and that is what I had gained. 
    This is what music means to me, this is music in my mind. 


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  • ALangford

    i really loooove the musical nostalgia feeling and it always comes at just the right time. you captured this super well x

    over 2 years ago