Caroline Murray

United States


January 11, 2018


My dog is named Artemis. I chose her from the humane society because she was the only dog that wasn't jumping and barking. When I saw her quivering in the corner of her kennel I knew she must be mine. She was the fluffiest dog in the humane society and I immediately fell in love. When we saved her, she helped me change. 
    Before I adopted her, I was terrified of dogs. Now, I love them more than any other animal, Because we adopted the sweetest puppy in the world. She is almost 10 now, but she still looks like a baby. when she wags the tails that lays curled up on her back her whole body wags too. Getting home from school is always wonderful because I get a one dog welcoming committee. She throws me a party every time she sees me, which taught me that dogs are beautiful, loving creatures and nothing to be scared of. 
    My dog taught me to love other dogs, but she doesn't like that. she believes she is the only dog I should ever love. She doesn't appreciate it when we got her playmates, but loved it when we got cats, even though they didn't love that we had her. Artemis is the kindest dog there is, ask anyone. She could convince even the strictest cat lover that maybe dogs are just a little bit better. 


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