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Bounty Hunter Johnny: Chapter One

January 14, 2018


Johnny didn’t think the U.S government needed his testimony, as well as the guy he was supposed to find. Of course, he knew the price of getting the guy was too high. He figured they needed something else. 

“So,” The lawyer on the side of the government, Martin Jones said,”Where did you find Austin Anderson?”

”Well,” Johnny said, thinking about the circumstances he found the guy,”So, I was on the beach, metal detecting,”

”Why were you doing that?” Jones asked.

”Because, you said he works with lead,” Johnny said, as if this was the most obvious thing in the whole world,”So I thought, if I found lead, I would find him.”

Jones gave him the most confused look he had ever made in his life.

”I’m not a normal bounty hunter,” Johnny said.

”Yes,” Jones sighed,”We figured when you asked for payment in donuts. So where did you find Anderson?”

”In his house,” Johnny said.

”...What?” Jones asked in disbelief,”We looked everywhere in there!”

”Uh, he was just watching TV, in the living room,” Johnny said, unaware Jones was absolutely furious,”Which is the first room in the hou-“

”All right, we get it...” Jones said.

”So, do I get paid now?” Johnny asked,

“...it’s outside,” Jones said,”Just go,”

After getting permission from the Judge to leave, he went outside to get his payment, 16 dozen boxes of chocolate donuts. It was a good day for Johnny.



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