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The Price Of Stardom

By: f l o r a


The Price Of Stardom
Prologue: Bad Sushi

Fourteen-Year-Old Sabelle O’Malley had nothing else on her mind but rushing to get to the bathroom in time as she rushed down the fancy paisley carpeting of the Lockeswood Apartment Complex, otherwise known to her as “home”.
“Miss O’Malley, look over here!” The flash of the paparazzi lights invaded her peripheral vision.
She prayed to God that her high heels would somehow provide her with 700 horsepower rocket boosters to help her reach her door faster, but anyone with half a brain would know that would never happen.
“Miss O’Malley, are you excited to be on the set of Autumn Dreams with Gaten Matarazzo as your co star?” Called a hyper voice.
She pushed her long, wavy dark brown locks out of her face.
“Uh...Yeah..sure..” she said tried to keep the bile that was rising in her throat from coming up. Why, oh, why did she have to chose the one Japanese restaurant that had been shut down only a week before due to a salmonella outbreak?
No, here was a better question; why oh why did she have to be discovered by that Hollywood agent during her school’s production of Our Town?
Then she probably wouldn’t be running from the press, in painful stilettos, trying to keep her lunch from making another appearance.
She finally reached her door and lunged for the handle, the weight of her body pushing the door open. She stumbled inside, slamming the door with a hard thump. Her older brother Anthony, was on the couch reading a book when she made her way in. He followed her as she made her way to the bathroom, his light brown curls falling in his eyes.
“Don’t follow me…” Sabelle said quickly as she shut the bathroom door with a click.
Anthony sighed
“Are you Okay? What happened?” 

He pressed his ear up to the door, hoping for a closer listen-in on whatever his little sister was doing. She’d only heard a little bit about her new movie, and any type of detail she gave about it, were sparse and few.
Instead of hearing giggling at a text from a friend or maybe even soft singing, he heard the sound a dying goat.
“Oh God..” he groaned as he pushed the heavy cherry oak door open. There he saw Sabelle, vomiting. Her dress was rumpled, and one of her shoes was halfway off her foot.
He kneeled beside her, pulling her hair out of her face and rubbing her back.
“So..what did you do this time, Belle? ” He asked, once she’d finally stopped for a moment, raising her head
“I ate some bad sushi..” She mumbled, her face a white pasty pale.
He pushed a loose lock of hair out of his face.
“At that Japanese place? I told you specifically not to go there..” He was annoyed by his sisters’ disobedience. She’d been in the business long enough to know where to go for food.
“I had to get away from the cameras somehow..and I was hungry..” she whined.
He smiled at her childish demeanor, she always got that way when she was sick.
He let out a tiny chuckle and said;
“That’s the price of stardom, Baby Belle,”

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Meet Sabelle and Anthony

Peer Review

Can I say the whole story? I would have to say the whole story because you are such a strong writer and I love this sooo much!

*Falls off her seat and stares at the question.* I.. Umm. Huh... This.. YOU ARE SO GOOD!

*Silence* I'm In shock. I don't know.

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