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I could've done a track by track analysis of this darn album, but it would have gone FAR over the word limit. I'm pushing it as is. I'd like to thank Set It Off for making the album and entertaining me with their Youtube shenanigans, as well as Kaitlyn and Erin Preston for reviewing this so I could make it better! I'd like to also thank those of you who bother to click on this, it means a lot to me.

I'd love to win I'd use the $100 to buy my friend Phytocat a VIP pass to come see Set It Off with my sis and I this February. I'm happy already that I got my dad to cave and agree to get us VIP but it'd be even better if Phyto came along. Like both of us have agreed that we deem Cody Carson a musical genius and we would both love to meet him and talk music theory. is this getting too long? I think so but idc.

Motive is the correct music theory term, in case you think it's supposed to be motif. like and subscribe.

The Authors of Our Lives

January 14, 2018

    Duality by Set It Off is important. Beyond important. For the group, it marked a period of personal and musical growth. For their fans, it serves as the foundation for a movement of being proud of your flaws, comfortable in your skin, and living in the moment, no matter who tells you not to. Musically it’s a beautiful mess of genres and styles that has something that others were too afraid to bring to the table, that being a complete lack of fear for what other think. The album is selfish, happy, painfully nostalgic, and angry, but most importantly, it is human. Duality brings forth a message to always remember that you have tomorrow.

    Cody Carson, the lead songwriter and vocalist, had over 40 demos and an ambitious mindset when going into the studio to record Duality. According to Carson in an interview with BSTAGE magazine, “It was just a condensed effort to make the best album possible.” The three producers of Duality, Brandon Paddock, Tommy English, and Matt Appleton were already friends of Cody. They created a great environment for all members of Set It Off to learn more about songwriting and putting a song together, but most importantly to let go and make music that they loved. With a will to make music they would want to listen to, Cody and the other members took influences from their favorite childhood bands when working on the songs, from NSYNC to Usher to My Chemical Romance. Set It Off cared about making each song genuine and true to themselves, and it comes across.

    One of the highlights of the album is their single “Why Worry” with Phantom of The Opera influenced verse that kicks into a bright major key chorus with an upbeat rock feel to it. On the commentary version of the song, Carson claims that the verses were supposed to convey a message of 'This sucks and it's a problem, and I've been there' while the church choir and horn arrangements in the chorus bring a feeling of forgetting that problem. The transitions between different styles are so fluid and almost difficult to distinguish because of the fantastic arranging behind it. The bridge is more R&B, a genre that compliments this song very well. The final moments of the song are extremely memorable with a triumphant final chorus and great finish to the song. As the fourth track, it does a great job compelling one to listen to the rest of the album. The lyrics are also a victory, as they tell a great message to quit worrying, as it never helps any situation.

    The song the album is named after, “Duality” is another fantastic single that emphasizes the humanity of the album. Musically, the verses feel choppy and separated, while the choruses are connected, with legato vocals and arrangement. This simple factor adds to the feeling of a split personality, which Cody details in an interview with He states: “Everyone has two sides, the side that they let people see and the side they hide...I want you to hear this record and experience every human emotion that you’re capable of feeling.” Cody goes on to say that he hates people who pretend to be perfect to gain trust from others, which he emphasizes in the spoken word video for this song.

    The ninth track on the album, “Tomorrow” is all about moving forward despite those who try to push you down. Jason Lancaster joins Set It Off to sing the bridge of this hopeful and triumphant song, and compliments the song in a way nobody else could. Cody even stated that the part he sings was written in 2010 specifically for Lancaster to sing, as that was the only way he believed the message of the song could come to fruition. The instrumentals add to the song with a hypnotic guitar riff that occurs for most of the first verse that leads well into the pre-chorus. A motive from 'Dreamcatcher,' a song off of their previous record 'Cinematics,' returns for this song. Cody explains that the two songs are meant to work hand in hand, as 'Dreamcatcher' emphasizes achieving your dreams today, while 'Tomorrow' encourages continuing to chase those dreams even as time passes by. During the bridge, there are strings that provide harmonic and rhythmic support to the song, which transitions to the final chorus and the ending of the song, where the original guitar riff returns one last time.

    Overall, Duality is about the human experience. It is unfiltered emotion in its purest and most uncorrupted form that is hard to find in the music industry. It is a victory for the downtrodden who need music to keep them going, and a wake up call to those who think being disingenuous will get them anywhere. It is a mantra for those who take heed of its advice, to show your true duality. And it is a piece of musical literature, one that you will never forget.
Some links I used/ referenced/ what have you: | | | | | | | I can't link it because there's no videos or articles online but Duality: Commentary. It's on Spotify.
If you couldn't tell, I like set it off. They deserve a lot more attention, and hopefully this review will bring them some.

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  • Lyell

    Doubt anyone's gonna see this but I didn't win the competition but my pal and I still met Set It Off and they were the nicest people ever. Phyto and I talked music theory with Cody and we showed him that we're working on arranging one of their songs for our wind ensemble and he said to DM him if we needed help w it. Dan said that if we ever do marching band competition in California to invite him to come watch. Maxx and I exchanged cat pictures. His lock screen is his cat. They all gave good hugs too hhhhhhhh

    over 2 years ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄

    You're so welcome again! You have no idea how much I enjoyed reading this piece and writing the review!

    over 2 years ago
  • Lyell

    thanks a ton! you have no idea how much I appreciate your feedback

    over 2 years ago
  • Kaitlyn ❄

    You're very welcome :D. This was very improved.

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