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October 14, 2015

Here, at night, we were all scared. Mothers would hush their children when they saw lights in the distance - when they heard footsteps, or cars driving by. We were so scared, the fear of being caught hounded our sleep. All of us were very young. Black dust covered hair, skin that was brown as the dirt beneathe our bare feet. We tread through each day, walking along unpathed environment, legs aching to stop, to rest, if just for a moment. But we couldn't. Others were after us, they carried weapons, wore strapping unifroms - they called us dirty names. At least we think they did, their language was as foreign to us as ours was to them. 
We didn't want to go back, so we avoided these strangers with light skin. They wanted to find us and throw us back into the arms of our dreaded homeland. They watched us, carried arms, even bult a fence - more like a wall, to silence our cries for help.  Every single one of us wanted a safer life. Some of us had family in that other country we pained to step into to, others just wanted to escape poverty, wanted to find work, to help. We wanted a new home

We knew very well that when we set foot in the new world, a newer struggle would take hold of us.

But if we could , see the dream that our people always talked about. Even if it's just from a distance.



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