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Summer Workout

July 18, 2014

PROMPT: This I Believe


"Summer is the time to exercise your brain even more, rather than stop using it." I've heard this phrase said over and over again in my household, many summers over. It's what my father said from the very beginning. And even though I wish it weren't true, I believe that if you live by this motto, the chances are larger that you'll succeed in life. I remember my summers clearly. All my classmates and friends would always be headed out to resorts, hotels, beaches, the Bahamas, exotic countries, or fancy cities for a whole month. Me? I would be holed up in my room, pouring over mathematical equations, researching the roots of English words, reading 1000 paged novels, and computer programming. And after everyone I knew came back from their fun, they would sleep-in, have a barbecue and pool party once a week, play with their video games, and simply do nothing. I attended juggling, chess, computer programming, baking, tennis, and chamber music camps. I was working myself out mentally. Physically, too. Running three miles two times a week every week when the weather wasn't above 90 degrees may seem trivial, but in fact, it was equal to tired, sore, strained, muscles, asthma problems, and pure sweaty torture. Less hot but equally rigorous was swimming: every week plus the days when it was above 90 degrees. It wasn't a dip-in-the-pool, wade-around-slowly, doing-handstands sort of swimming. It was a full 24 laps nonstop all four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) one after another. I had my rigorous down-times too. Yes, you heard that right. Rigorous down-times-- maybe rigorous for you, but relaxing for me. It consisted of creating animations using computer coding, writing my ever-changing novel, juggling, and reading. Because of my summer workouts, this is what I have to come to know as "relaxing". And I'm proud of it too- it keeps my body, mind, and spirit free and busy, not caged in by laziness, idleness, or sleep. These summers are what shape me as a person today, and I'll continue to do the same for the rest of my life. I believe that my mind can never rest, even if there's no homework or school. Even if it's summer. This I Believe.


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