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A Catholic girl, who just has a huge passion to write. Id like to call out my friends, DragonMasterFox and LackingASocialLife, they both have unique writing styles. I want to be a great musician and can't wait to see what life has in store for me.

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I love to read your comments and it brings me joy to follow you. If you'd like for me to follow, please say so in the comments!

My Friends (Please follow or go check out one of their pieces.)
Kaitlyn ❄, LackingASocialLife (Georgia), DragonMasterFox (Mikaela), Your Alien Author. (Dana), Bad writer 105 (Ellie doesn't use WTW much but she has some potential from things I've seen her type at school.), LyraLynne (The nicest person that I've met online), and lastly, me! (Yes, I consider myself my own friend.)

Paid Promotion... (I'm broke)

January 5, 2018


This is a little promo for my good pal, DragonMasterFox. If you haven't seen her around... PLEASE GO CHECK HER OUT! She has an amazing writing style and is very supportive. If you don't know what to read by her I strongly recommend, Blinded. It's a little collab that we are currently working on. As always, you guys are the best! Love ya!
Your best friend, 

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