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Inspired by the quote I saw, "choose courage over cynicism". It is easy to lose hope and be cynical; one has to admire those who dare try again and those who open their hearts to believe again.

Choose Better

January 4, 2018

We choose to become
a "new me" every "new year".
We want to change ourselves,
the whole hundred-eighty degrees 
treatment, and despair when we fail.

They say, that humans are not
built for complete change, such
habitual creatures we are.

But what if it is as easy as choosing?
Aren't habits formed by our choices and actions?
If we choose kindness, love, hope,
second chances, and most of all,
choose courage over cynicism,
mightn't the world be a little brighter?

I believe the outcome
lies in what we do.
May our choices lead
to a better year ahead.


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