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Braving Life (Chapter Twenty-One)

January 20, 2018


    The young woman was singing Set Fire to the Rain when I walked in with Crossfire. She looked very similar to Beyonce, tall and curvy. She was dark skinned and had beautiful dark brown hair. It was tightly braided and almost fell past her lower back. It was quite an elegant braid as though she were an expert in such things. "Crossfire, I said to stop bringing in hostages," she sighed. "I don't want to have to wipe their memories anymore."
    "Madame Belladonna, I had no intention of displeasing you. However, she could be essential to our plan." Crossfire bowed before Madame Belladonna/ the Grand Master.
    "How?" Madame Belladonna looked as though she'd had enough of Crossfire. "I don't see how a young girl could change the world."
    I frowned. "Tell me, why am I here?"
    "Bow before the Grand Master!" Crossfire shreiked.
    "I apologize," Madame Belladonna gasped. "Call me Belladonna. And how is she important?"
    "I don't know," Crossfire mumbled. "I offered for her to join the group and she declined and then I said I had to kill her and then I brought her to you."
    "Group? Wow, you're pathetic. She was alone? I've heard she's very important to Raska of the PACK these days. I can't believe he would just let her go." Belladonna frowned slightly. "Of course, young Death Star, I've heard you're an expert in fighting these days?"
    "Yes. Where do you get all of this information?" I queried, suddenly alarmed that there might be spies. Raska would like to know soon before they could get anything else out of us.
    "You're quite famous," Belladonna explained. "You're all anyone can talk about to be honest. At least, those who know of the secret worlds that is. They say," she paused, "that you're in the prophecy."
    "I am."
    "When the world is dark
And haunted by time
The ghosts will come flying by
They will tell you of the dread to come
There will be two but only one
Can fix the ruin
That once seemed true

There will be debate
And years to come
Before he picks
The final one

She will think herself
To be no one
She must be shown
The potential she owns
But she must be trained so carefully
She is stronger than she may seem
But in the end
It will be right
You shouldn't have picked
That one
If you wish to win the fight."
    "What does it mean? The prophecy?" I wondered hoping that Belladonna would be able to tell me something I didn't know.
    "It means you're going to betray the trust of many but you will fix the ruin of the world whilst doing it. Let me guess, you've already betrayed the trust of some?" Belladonna asked.
    "Yes," I admitted blushing slightly.
    "There will be much war and bloodshed before it all ends but in the end, everything will be fixed."
    "The Ruiners will lose, won't they," I realized.
    "They are the ones that picked you. So yes," Belladonna confirmed. Her soft brown eyes surveyed me.
    "Who's he?" I wondered. "It says that 'before he picks' thing. What is that?"
    "Your friend Jesse. It will be years before he chooses his side. I don't know if he has chosen yet but do not put your complete trust in him. Not now."
    "Not ever," I grumbled to myself. "Jesse's never one to trust."
    "He will be. I don't know which side will trust him but he will settle soon. We'd all better be prepared when he does. He is strong and I think that whoever has him has a great advantage. You and him make a good team you know. He's really a sweet guy. And before you say anything else, I know he's in here so why don't you go find him and then we can send you all home? That sound good?"
    I nodded. "Yeah." I didn't even ask how she knew that Jesse was around. The new information was hurting my head and I needed to think.
    "No need darling," Jesse said. "I'm already in here."
    Jesse came into view, holding a gun.


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