Dewayne Green

United States

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a poet. A social activist. A student. A friend.

Message from Writer

I hope to open eyes with each poem I write. I want to give a part of me through every sentence, word, and syllable.

​The Last Breath's

October 12, 2015

"I can't breath"
You said as the men gathered like a pack of wolves
Ready to attack. 
Their arms and strength holding you down like pillars.
Making sure I won't make a move.
Or sound. 
"I can't breath" 
You said again. 
But they threw those three words, like it was something on a piece of paper that was unimportant. 
As they hold you down.
Choking not only your throat
But your last breath that you will make in reality. 
The last breath of being able to live your life how ever you desired. 
The last breath of seeing your family that you loved so dearly. 
But most importantly, the last breath of knowing about the love you brought to people. 
Flashes like lighting came to your mind. 
The focus shifted not only on yourself, but to people in a similar mess as you. 
You witness people's last breath from across the earth. 
Fellow black men, women, children. 
All witnessing for themselves having a last breath in society. 
A last breath of hope. 
That will never to forgotten. 
This is our last breath's for justice.   


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