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Christian Denny

United States

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This is just a story on beginning high school.

A New World

October 12, 2015

Walking into the building for the first time. Watching everyone talking and laughing. Who are all these people? I walked slowly, looking around, trying to find the 2 people I knew before this school. I was nervous, shy and quiet. It had already felt like I didn't belong. My parents always told me there was a place for everyon to fit in, but there was no place for me here. Of course it was a diferent environment, it was high school; one of the biggest transitions in a person's life. I was completely clueless of everything. Where do I go? Who do I try to talk to? Where do i sit? Is this really happening? From an academic standpoint, I was doing well, but socially, I was failing. No one to talk to about my last class, or my grade on a test, or even to ask for help. I was devastated.Then I started to turn it around. The fact that there was no place for me was a good thing. It meant i was unique. "The Opposite of Standing Out is Outstanding." Before I knew it, I made my group of friends, and now, I am no longer alone and sad. 


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