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New Year, New Me

By: DanaG


It's time to change. 
You say to yourself. 
Just like last year
and the year before that, 
and the year before that, 
and for as long as you remember
because the new year is coming. 
You have to change at least something about yourself, right? 
That's the whole point of a resolution. 
Nobody likes consistency. 
Nobody likes things that don't change because
then they become boring,
and nobody will want you 
because you will remain the same mundane plain person. 
You have to welcome a new 365 days
by falling into the black hole of Slimfasts and treadmill
"one day sales" but one day you will have had enough
and you'll come back to the same thing. 

You don't have to change. 
There's nothing wrong with a little 
equilibrium within you because 
if you push yourself too hard 
you will become unbalanced. 
You will become a broken glass.
No matter how much glue you use 
to put the shards of you back together
you won't be the same. 
You won't be the satisfied version of you
who is okay with the way they are now. 
You will become a desperate mess of diets 
and depression and dumbbells that are all 
unnecessary because
you are worth more than that. 

It's the new year. 
You don't have to be a new you. 
The way you are right now is 
and extraordinary, 
Celebrate this brand new period of time 
with your only resolution being 
to appreciate how amazing you are. 

Happy new year (well, I'm a little late but it's okay). 

Message to Readers

Y'all are beautiful. Never forget that. (I'm no good at sappy stuff haha)

Peer Review

"It's time to change." This stands out to me because everyone has to change in their lifetime.

I am left feeling happy!

Where there things that you didn't mention on this list?

Reviewer Comments

I love this. Ps. Your my new bestest friend. (I have a lot of bestest friends!)