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Journal of a (_____): Chapter Three

December 31, 2017


Journal of a Business Man

10/2/98 - I didn’t get the promotion...again. If this keeps up, Martha may leave me, and God know I can’t afford that! I hope my lucks turns aroud soon. In other news, Kelley came back from England. She also brought a shopping bill with her, expecting me to pay it! The nerve of the youth these days...

10/3/98 - I told Kelley I’m not paying the bill. She said a her father, I have responsibilities to her. I think she is going to sue me. She doesn’t understand what I have done to get her this far...

A letter was put in the Business Man’s journal. It had a coat of arms as a seal. It read as follows.

Dear Business Man,
It has come to our attention that you have problems of the...financial variety. Of course billions have financial problems, but we chose you. Feel special. What if we told you we can make your problems...go away. We can start with your daughters bill. We just need your company’s financial (revenues, expenses, etc.) records, and it will be done. Put them in P.O. Box Twelve, the time doens’t matter.

We’re not asking you, we’re commanding you,
(The name was written over with marker.)

10/6/98 - I mailed the records. It wasn’t hard to get them, I am a company accountant after all. I’ll see how they’ll help with Kelly’s bill.

10/7/98 - Kelly got a flood of letters, all saying she owes a bunch of people money. However, one of caught my eye. It had that coat of arms on my letter, and it said some guys was sueing Kelly. I feel great actually...but I feel bad st the same time.

A package came in the mail the next day. It also came with a letter, each having the coat of arms. The letter read,

Dear Business Man,

Now you see the power we posses. We have a command to ask of you. We need you kill your boss Marcus Finch. You will be rewhandsomely, and we will do everything in our power not make sure you are not caught. 

We are always watching,

(Name written over with marker again.)

10/9/98 - I killed Finch. He was the head of accounting in the company. I was promoted to his job this police didn’t even declare me a suspect. Martha is happy that I get paid more. I think...this may be a great opportunity.

10/10/98 - A letter came to my office today, wow that’s nice to say. I’ll read it later.

He did read it later, it read.

Dear Business Man,

You are at our will now. We gave you your position and we can take it away. You will benefit us immensely.

Pleasure doing business with you,
(Name written over with marker yet again.)
I reviesed this. 


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