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Journal of a (_____): Chapter One

December 31, 2017


Journal of a Boat Captain.

8/8/98 - I bought a new boat! It’s so much bigger than the last one, which sank a month ago. Oh, I can’t wait to go back to sea! I still haven’t thought of a name for it though, but that’ll come later! I wonder if Jimmy would want to go on another trip with me...

8/10/98 - The name I went with is ‘Nessie’, after my daughter. That reminds me, her 16th birthday is coming up, an apparently, you need to get your kid an automobile for those. I think I’ll just give her our old one, I mean, I’m still paying off the boat!

8/11/98 - She didn’t want the old car! It’s a Buick, but noooo, SHE wants one of those fancy new convertibles! My wife actually sided with me one this one, saying my boat was still being paid off. She didn’t care about it, she dared called her stupid! Honestly, I wish I could tell her what I do with these boats, but she would be in grave danger. At least our son gets it why we didn’t get a new car. He actually filmed our entire argument, and I’m pretty sure he edited it to make it seem like his sister was the one at fault. While that was very rude, and he is grounded, he has a bright future ahead of him.

8/13/98 - Jimmy is glad to have some work with me, he is the best crewman I could ever ask for. We leave on the twenty-ninth, bu we will have to get supplies first. It would be good for my health to get back to sea, as I will be were I truly belong. Also, I can do my job.

8/29/98 - We just left the harbor, and we’re still getting reused to be8ng at sea. It won’t take that long though, we should be done with this job done enough.

9/2/98 -We found our job, a yacht. We are loading the harpoon guns now. 

Later the same day.

It was a great success! I can’t believe we can still shoot from this distance. It’s all in the guns themselves. We will get paid once we get back to harbor.

9/6/98 - We’re back home now. I brought Jimmy to my house.  Danny was excited to see his Uncle Jimmy. I have no idea where his sister is though...

9/7/98 - The news report came out today about our job. Apparently the guy that owned ithe yacht died when it sank, so we will be paid in full. However, I am not sure why the client made the request,
He seemed like such a nice fellow.

9/13/98 - Our last client made a new request, the death of (Name Erased). I question his motives, but it’s not important. Speaking of important, my daughter still hasn’t showed up...

The journal’s remaining pages seemed to be ripped out, replaced with a piece of paper.

It says, ‘If you want to see her again, you know what to do.’ followed by a drawing of a strange coat of arms.


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