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Enwright Patient Files: Susan

December 31, 2017


Patient Name: Susan Strauss.
Age: 23.
Former Occupation: University Student/ Waiter.
Crime: Five Counts of Murder, One Count of Slef Defense (Debatable).
Diagonsed With: Intense Hylophobia (Fear of Trees).

Day 38: She is still carrying her axe, the murder weapon she used, around. Honestly, I am scared to bring it up.

Day 39: She must behave herself, we have a rather....important patient coming soon. He will be our most...dangerous addition to this asylum.

Day 40: Instead of shock therapy on Susan, I use what I call, ‘Tree Threapy’. The screams are quite...pleasing actually.

No note worthy info for a while.

Day 63: Oh dear, it appears Susan has killed an orderly. Well, compared to what our newest addition could do, this is nothing.

Day 67: We took her axe, and put her in a room full of trees. She is currently sobbing in a corner.

Day 70: It may be to late for Susan. I may consider more....drastic options.

On August Sixth, 1996, seventy-six Days after her admission to Enwright’s Asylum, Susan died due to unknown causes. May her soul Rest In Peace

On the day of Susan’s death, Francis Enwright, the head psychologist of the Asylum, wrote a final entry to her file.

Day 76: Susan may get a taste of her own medicine, the orderly’s wife has entered the building and requested a visit with her. How she knew I have no idea, but I’m not sure if I can stop her. However, I have more important matters on my hands. The new patient should be here in the next month.

His condition may have saved him from the death penalty.
Third in this series.


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