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Please read The End before you read any part of Once Upon a Time.. Otherwise, it won't make any sense and there will be a lot of spoilers.

SEQUEL TO THE END: Once Upon a Time, Pt 1

December 31, 2017


Charlie was sad. Blue, in a funk, down in the dumps- whatever you chose to call it. All the other Inspirations were busy. He watched as they flew down to Earth to whisper ideas to their partners. Some of them were giving life to the next great novels. Some were helping craft raw, emotional poetry. Some were assisting famous songwriters. As for his partner, Violet… well, she didn’t seem to be motivated to even get out of bed. Her parents were constantly busy, and she had hardly any readers to review her work. Her story had been published, but had been received in a less-than-stellar manner. What was he doing wrong?

He couldn’t so much as work up the courage to see her again. Would she even remember him? She’d probably lost the pen, as most people often do with pens. He was beginning to lose hope. In fact, he had been looking a little translucent lately. Maybe he was Fading. This happened to Inspirations whose partners died or stopped doing what they loved. Maybe they took up an office job or fell into a coma.

“Charlie!” exclaimed Maura, one of his best friends. She assisted a kindly old man who loved to paint birds. “I can see your veins! You need to see your partner fast. You did defeat the Writer’s Block, right?”

“Yeah,” Charlie said miserably. “Well, Violet did. I only helped her.”

“Well then, can’t you do it again?” Her voice was grating to his ears. Her happiness used to be contagious, but now it was just annoying.

“Maura, I don’t think it’s the Writer’s Block,” he said, beginning to pace back and forth. “I think it’s something far harder to defeat.”

“And what might that be?” She put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“I think it’s Loneliness.”

There was a collective gasp from all of the idle Inspirations.

“No!” yelled Stan, a young boy who helped out another boy his age. “It can’t be!”

“It might just be,” Charlie sighed.

“Come on, Charlie!” cheered Maura. “Just go pay Violet a visit and help her out. Having someone to talk to might be great.”

“Fine,” said Charlie. “I’ll do it for you guys.”

The Inspirations erupted into more cheers. Charlie kicked a hole in the floor, which was made out of clouds. Only Inspirations could live on clouds. Then he executed a dramatic dive down to the world below.

He landed on Violet’s welcome mate. He took off his shoes accordingly- he knew her parents hated getting mud and such on the carpet. Ringing the doorbell, he shifted back and forth nervously. The memories started to flood back: her kissing his cheek, her silky black hair, her laugh, her way with words…

The door opened. “Charlie!” Violet cried. She enveloped him in a huge bear hug. “My Inspiration! You’re back!” Then she stepped back. “But why? And why do you look like a ghost?”

“I wanted to see if you’re okay,” he said. “You seem lonely.”

She smirked. “Is that lonely with a lowercase or capital L?”


“Oh,” she said. “It’s…nothing, really. I’m fine. You don’t need to be here- I mean, not that I don’t want you to be here….you know what I mean.”

“Violet Grace Ramirez. Obviously you’re not fine. You’ve been moping around for days on end, and you haven’t been writing anything. I can tell you need some help.”

“Help? Help with what?”

“Your…general attitude.” Charlie was losing his touch. He used to be smooth, suave, almost. Now he was probably a blithering idiot around Violet, since he realized how amazing she was.

“Oh, Charlie,” she scoffed. “I’d love your help, but I think a therapist would be better for me.”

“No!” he burst. “I mean, you’re right, but maybe I can help you think of something to write! Or maybe I can help you make friends. You know, go to school with you. As a student. But in exchange, you need to write.” He held out his wrists, so Violet could see the veins slithering up and down his arms.

“It’s called Fading,” he explained. “If you don’t write, or create anything, then I’ll just disappear after a while. Now, I can’t gauge whether you’d want that or not, but it’ll be an awful lot harder to get anything done if I’m not there to give you ideas. Pardon me if that sounds selfish. It’s just that I don’t like not existing very much, and I don’t think your stories would, either.”

“Of course I’ll let you help.” Violet smiled a glorious crooked smile. “I mean, it’s a win-win. I’ll have someone to talk to, and to assist me while I write, and you won’t dematerialize into the void.”

Charlie’s ears went hot. “Glad to hear it.” He reached out his hand for her to shake. She shook it.

This was a predicament, to say the least. Inspirations weren’t supposed to fall in love with their partners. If he fell for Violet, who knew what the High Council of Creators would do to him?
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  • AbigailSauble

    Nobody asked for it, but I'm SOO glad you wrote it! I love the ideas of Inspirations. And Charlie's character was really well done!
    Keep writing!

    over 2 years ago
  • camlily

    I'm so mad at myself for not seeing this earlier... again, AMAZING

    over 2 years ago