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Work at Nelson Shine Produce
I love farming
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Message to Readers

My crush, his brother, and a friend.

Day 14 - A Moment I Will Never Forget

December 31, 2017


    My bag flew off the ground, swept off by the wind. I groaned. A fence caught the papers before they went far away but it would not be an easy job. "Kaitlyn, go get it," Edward criticized.
    "I am," I growled back at him. God, Edward could get on my nerves some days.
    "Edward, go help her," Jeannie scolded. I smiled gratefully at her.
    "But she's a girl," he groaned.
    "Wow, I hadn't noticed," I snapped back at him.
    "I'll help her." Fred stood up from the ground and smiled at me.
    I swallowed hard. Act calm, I chided myself, don't let him think that you're an idiot. "Thank you, so much." He nodded. Fred was a good kid. I picked up the bag and stuffed some of the papers in it. Fred held several papers and nicely placed them in my bag, much nicer than I had. "Thank you," I whispered. He said nothing but smiled softly at me.
    I carried my bag back. I flopped onto the ground. "Thanks for nothing, Edward." He grinned at me.
    One of the little kids threw a ball at Jeannie and it flew onto the road. I stood up and started jogging towards it. Edward gripped my hand and pulled me back only to race ahead of me. He came back with the ball looking like he was trying to heroically smile. "Was that your idea of being helpful?" I scorned. He heroically shrugged.

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