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Helvectica Game Show!

December 30, 2017


”This show is brought to by......DISHONESTY!!! As it is a recurring theme in this show, it br8gn your his show.” The announcer James Bunsen says with a chuckle, ”And now for your robotic host, Helvectica MK.3!”

MK.3 walks out from behind a curtain, then yells,”Hello! And welcome to the Helvectica Game Show! We have many great contestants tonight, let’s get started!”

“And here, all the way from Amsertdam, Netherlands,...Artemis Helvectica...?” 

”Hi, MK.3, do you remember me?” Artemis asked.

”...Are you Julius’s less important kid?” 

“Heh, you kidder!”

”Uh, that’s how I’m coded to regonize you,”


“So, did you bring anyone with you?”

”....My dad,”

”Oh!” MK.3 looked around, and saw his bearded creator in the audience,”Hi, Julius!”

”Hello, MK.3” Julius said, pushing up his glasses,”We must do lunch sometime,”

”Sure!” MK.3 said, always wanting this his entire life,”How long are you in America?”

”Uh, I thought this was about me?” Artemis said.

”You’re unemployed, so you mooch on your father’s successes,” MK.3 said, walking off.

 “Okay, here from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, it’s polictican Jacobin Thompson!”

”I think there is something a lot more important I should be doing right now....” Jacobin said.

”Next on the contestant list, from Bonn, Germany, bodybuilder Hans Straussman!”

“I crush you all!” Hans yelled.

”Next, from Augusta, Maine, U.S.A, painter Stacey Armstrong!”

“Uh...I was on your last game show...”

”Oh, yeah” MK.3 said, remembering a time in his life where writing was poorly done,”How are you,”

”I sold a painting!”

”That’s lovely. And now, our final contestant, all the way from....uh, ‘It’s a secret’, France, Justine Armstrong!”

She was the only one that was silent. 

“...Oookay. Let’s cut to commercial, then I’ll explain the rules! Stay tuned!”



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