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Stars of the City

December 30, 2017

PROMPT: Intersection

    The city can try all it wants, but it cannot take the stars. 
    Neon lights blink, headlights blaze, street lights give a small halo of dim yellow in each neighborhood. 
    They mix together and fade the stars, but it cannot whisk them away. We may not be able to see them all, but they are there. Twinkling. Burning. 
    In fact, the city makes stars pretty. Maybe they are not as bright. Maybe they are not an numerous. But they are there and for this I am grateful. A little glimpse of freedom amongst forgotten buildings, empty sidewalks, and vacant lots. 
    A reminder there is more out there than us. Something bigger. Something greater. 
    Besides, it is a sad person who forgets to look at the stars. But for those who remember, they are ever so lovely, laughing up there in the darkened sky. The city reminds people not to take that for granted. As each one becomes more faded, we look up and remember what a blessing this world is though it is fleeting. We must love the stars while we can see them, for they die to the lights of the city each day. It is a reminder of how fortunate we are to even be able to glimpse those lovely lanterns of the sky. It is a reminder of how much they mean. 
    The city may attempt to dimthe stars, but it only makes them stronger. 


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