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Super Secret Spy Agency: Episode One (Part Two)

December 30, 2017


Episode One: The Old Man in High School (Part Two)

Agent Johnson was looking for something in the hallway, where his class was. He was undercover as ‘James Youngman’, and he was trying to steal a certain students test scores. However, he did not notice the great flaw in the plan that Agents Dan and Russel did, and he had no idea they were coming to get him. That is, until they walked up to him.

”Eh?” Johnson said,”What are you two doing here?”

”We noticed a huge flaw in this mission,” Agent Dane said. 

“And that is?” 

“You are a seventy-eight year old man....pretending to be a high school student,”

Agent Johnson thought about this for a moment, and finally, had a moment of clarity.

”How did we not notice sooner?” He asked.

”We don’t know,” 

“Well...” Agent Johnson looked around to see if anyone was looking,”Who’s going to finish the mission?”

”We are,” Agent Russel said,”We don’t know how we’ll get in bu-“

”Hey!” A woman yelled, walking up to them,”What are you two doing here?”

Agent Russel, internally panicking, said”We’re the...uh...substitute teachers...?”

The woman looked at them for a moment and then said,”Then come with me.” 

She took the two agents to a classroom, where they would have to teach an entire class, and somehow get that student’s test scores at the same time.


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