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Please don't hesitate to give me feedback; I know I am not perfect so every little bit helps. The beginning seems kind of out of place for me so let me know what I should change. I tried to take on a somewhat humorous tone, but I'm not too sure if that's the best for this prompt. Thank you all in advance!

What Do We Lose When We Create?

October 11, 2015

"And here we have a species that call themselves 'human' but in fact, do not act humane at all." 
    Somewhere, out there, there is another form of life. Despite what you may or may not think and believe, this universe it too immense to not contain something else-- anything else. And I like to think that they are up above us right now, a spaceship circling our blob of green and blue and possibly brown, with a flight attendant/field trip director describing what it sees below.
    I would like to think that this is what they would say about us: that we have a beautiful home, with lush greenland and just the right amount of everything; that our life is diverse; that we are taking care of our Mother; that we care about our Mother; that we are clean and things aren't out of control. 
    That's what I would like to think. But I know, that in reality, this is not the case.
Since it seems that humans care more about sports than the environment, let me speak about this in sports-terms.

    "And ladies and gents, here comes Mother Earth! She takes care of us, the literal foundation of this team. Man, do the people love her, or so they say. Actions are another thing. She's been going strong for 4.543 billion years. She's seen the rising of Jesus, the falling of Medieval times, and the rebirth of the Renaissance-- she's seen change. I hear she isn't as strong as before, though, Bill. No wonder, since she carries over seven billion people. I also hear that her contract has been renewed for at least another year! Depends on what her team does to her. That's right, ladies and gents, the Mayans are WRONG. Mother Earth is back, but unlike other comebacks, not stronger than ever.
    "Man, how is her team giving back to her, you all ask? Well, word on the street is that 1)they are polluting her, I mean their, air, water, and earth, 2) killing her land and therefore slowly killing themselves, and 3) not thinking about the impacts they are doing upon themselves in the long-run! Now that's hard to beat. They've practically mastered it, too-- creating materials that take millions of years to decompose, draining her resources unnecessarily, and even doing the little things like not turning off their lights after they leave the room. 
    "Of course, there are some that believe she deserves more that that, such as one of the players a few years back-- Dr. Seuss! In case you don't remember, he wrote the children's book, The Lorax, which features somewhat-subtle ways we are hurting Mother Earth. Now that's influential-- especially since he is teaching that to children who will then grow up to be the future. Then there is John Muir, who founded Muir Woods in San Francisco, also known as my home town. Now that guy is an inspiration. Seriously, why aren't environmentalists that famous? They teach us things about our life we didn't even know-- they uncover the mysteries of our home, the very one we've been living on for certainly more than 200,000 years. We do have some behind-the-scenes people who help Mother Earth regain some strength after a long billionth of a game. There are park rangers, volunteers, and even "insignificant" people like your local Environmental Club. Every little bit helps. Yet, is it enough? Simply put, not at all. We can never take care of Mother Earth enough. Such a thing doesn't exist! She needs constant care, from all of us. If not, the exponential curve up of how much she is hurting versus time will only increase.
    "Oh! Mother Earth is going down! She's been getting weaker each year, almost exponetially! We are going into overtime, ladies and gentlemen. But, have no fear. We still have time! We can fix this! We are humans, and humans can fix all sorts of problems-- even self-made ones. So join me, ladies and gentlemen, as we repair our Mother, our home, our environment-- as we repaire ourselves."


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